Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The D.R.

We're back from the Dominican Republic. Our hotel was not as good as advertised. Cutes got sick. It rained a bit. But it was still a vacation. It makes the poor driving habits of Ontarians seem like good driving habits. The rum was good, the cigars were sweet, the food was average the service wasn't good, the place wasn't clean. However, it photographs amazingly well. Everyone seemed to like this picture so i've added it to the post.

ps We've been back for less than 48 hrs and we've already been for sushi!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Snow Day!

So, we've really been dumped on today. Well, overnight actually. I had every intention of shovelling the driveway and going to work. Then something occurred to me. Even if i got all the snow shovelled i wouldn't be able to go anywhere, the street hadn't been plowed. The street remained unplowed until late this afternoon. One of my co-workers who lives nearby was in a similar predicament. (He called to update me). So we decided to find out what the boss was up to. He was already at work! At least an hour before i start. Just by happenstance his route was driveable. Driveable enough to get there i guess. Ultimatley production was cancalled and we were all to stay home, the boss stayed at the lab to answer the phone. The phone which rang seldomly. Anyway, here's a photo of my neighbour before he backed into the snow and stalled out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

too many passwords

it took me several tries to get here. i think i need to simplify my passwords. i should probably change them anyway. i just downloaded quicktime yesterday. (way to go me) it's all good at myspace now however. just a thought really. wasn't last Thursday "computer security day"?
ha ha ha ;-)
kind of scary when you realize what the top 3 passwords are:

pet/child name

21 minutes into virus scan and counting.....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stuff and Things

Steady as she goes at the gym. Steady as she goes at work. I can't believe the score of the Sabres-Leafs game. 7 to 4! Holy crap!

Those were some things. Here's some stuff.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nigiri vs Maki: The Resurrection

We've found a new place for sushi. A wonderful place. Good food, reasonable portions, lower cost. Excellent!

It's across the street from our usual Saturday lunch spot. Our usual spot with it's less than healthy options. Let's see how long the new Saturday sticks. It was McD breakfast and lounging. Now it's yogourt and the gym. It was pizza and pasta followed by grocery shopping. Now it's sushi and tea followed by grocery shopping.

-more later-

Monday, November 13, 2006

oooh New Blogger

It's a lot like the old blogger. However, it's sort of like the beginning of Get Smart. Through the vertical sliding door, through the horizontal sliding door, down the telephone booth, arrive at blogger. Start blogging. Long as i can remember my passwords it'll be okay.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nigiri vs Maki: The Revenge!

We outsmarted ourselves this time. Forgetting the lesson of the past (they make everything with extra rice) we took the new menu at face value. Maki is now 3 peices per order not 6. So we ordered twice as much as usual. Bad idea. Yes you only get three peices now. But you get as much rice as you should get with six! And the rice is dry to boot. When will we learn. Little or no maki. Much much nigiri. Maybe next time. If we feel like going back. For the first time ever, after eating sushi, i felt sick and too full. We both did. Not good. Chalk up a victory to Ichiban!

Foiled, Foiled Again

We found a cool thing for Xmas gifts. Personalized candy. Unfortunately it only ships in the US. Despite the fact that Canada is an option. When selected you find out it's not an option yet. Bummer.

I found a cool thing on the Converse site. You can customize your Chuck's. (yes i know this has been around for a while, i just haven't had the ability to get on that part of the site until now). It also only ships in the US. Bummer.

I wish i wish i hadn't eaten (all) that fish.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MySpacen Identity?

I think i'm being mistaken for another graduate of my highschool with the same name, I could be mistaken, some people are just really friendly. But i'm a little concerned/confused. Anyway..... myspacemail is down right now so i can't really get to the bottom of it. It happened before one time, so why not again...

I'll keep you posted, or something. In the mean time check this out

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hey lappy you so fine
you so fine you make my hand cramp!
Hey lappy!
Hey lappy!

Okay, so when the PC died this is what happened. I plugged the Mac into the wall. I plugged the Mac into the cable modem. I turned everything on. (And i mean everything, blenders, lamps, oscillating fans, etc) And boom. I was on the internet. Not so easy with lappy.

Plug in modem, install modem driver, install ISP software, reboot modem, reboot lappy, reinstall modem driver, reinstall modem driver, reboot, self heal. Online. Server not found. Reinstall ISP software, reboot modem, reboot lappy, self heal some more, online!

I think i skimmed over a few steps and left some out. At least it was better than trying to get online with Bell Sympatico. ;-)

Is this the end of the Mac?

Is it time for the rule of Lappy Centrino?
Has the way of the "unclutered ones" not taken foot?
Will the future be "user friendly"?
Find out if our intrepid hero will go from OSX to XP
Find out if components joined by a hinge are truly better
All on tonights episode of Nihil Utopia!!!!

What will happen next!?

Stay tuned........

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wednesday night at Fanshawe College was his only Canadian stop. Hi-Larry-us!

LMAO doesn't quite cover it. Laughed so hard it hurt was more like it. I'm sure most of his act had been performed on Last Comic Standing but we didn't watch every episode so most of it was new to me. As with all good comics i can't even remember most of the act. (Laughed too hard). ;)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

OLG vs The Fifth Estate

I'm not surprised by the fraud. I'm not surprised by the statistics. I'm not even surprised that the OLG spent nearly twice as much money in legal fees as what they owed to a ripped-off winner. I AM surprised that Theresa Roncon is their PR person. And not a particularly good or prepared one. It's hard to take someone seriously when they used to host the Power Hour. Even now when i see John Roberts on NBC(?) i envision Toronto Rocks: Mid-Week Metal Meltdown!

Why is it that other former VJs are easier to take seriously? Must be the METAL......

Friday, October 20, 2006

Mistaken Identity

So here' s what happened, the other day, at work:

I came back from lunch and was told a specific customer had called and asked for me. When my co-worker (the veep) asked if she could help with anything the response was, "no, I'll call back later." To which the veep thought, "Wow! [that customer] is really taking a shine to [him]!"

So i went back about my business, a little while later the missus called. I went back about my business some more. That particular customer never called back about anything. I thought that was odd. When i got home i discovered what had happened.

Cutes and this customer have the same name. Cutes had called and needed to tell me something, so of course the veep couldn't help with that.

Ahhhh, professional-phone-voices ;)

Monday, October 16, 2006

How Fitting?

As i drove home today (October 16th, 2006) along Veterans Memorial Parkway i passed a bus. A green bus with CANADA on the side and Federal plates. It's destination?


(btw the road was formaerly Airport Road, a rather direct route to the 401)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hockey Hockey Hockey Turkey Hockey Web-Comic

I feel like i'm in some weird bizarro land or time travel thingamajig. Hasek AND Osgood are playing for Detroit? Lagace went to St. Louis? What the hell? No Stevie Y, no Shanny. It's going to be an odd season. On the plus side my PS One hockey now seems more up to date, and also less up to date at the same time. (Pat Verbeek, nuff said).

I'm glad to see The Sabres went back to their old colours. Too bad about the cartoony logo though. It's bad enough in the OHL, Brampton comes to mind, but in the NHL? C'mon!

Speaking of the OHL, Dale Hunter's suspension seemed to do The Knights some good. Or maybe it's the influence of the new coaching staff. Hard to say. If within 2 weeks they start doing the passy-passy-passy-powerplay i think we'll know who the culprit is.

Thanksgiving was a little odd. One branch of the family had another commitment. My brother wasn't there (as he has moved to Van). There wasn't any venison, sausage or otherwise. But it was an enjoyable family get together none the less. There seemed to be little leftovers. I could be mistaken but it seemed like there wasn't as much food as usual. There were fewer of us, maybe that's all....

Speaking of the PS One. What a wonderful way to quietly occupy myself while Cutes is playing on POGO. Maybe i'll win the cup this year.

In other news: I've discovered that an old fiend, i mean friend, is using his powers for good and not evil. Excellent! Come to think of it, no one's using his/her powers for evil......

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Cat

So, after a Vet visit and a bladder ultrasound and results interpreted by the vet, we know:

The cat has a blood clot in his bladder.

I could have told you that. He passed a clot looking thing and then some blood and then urine mixed with blood. However, the ultrasound was precautionary. It could be something else. I doubt it. But we're keeping our fingers crossed.

The Car

Today the car made no unusual noises. May have been lubricated from all the rain. who knows.

The Job

It will be slow tomorrow. Some customers closed. Friday before a long weekend, you get the idea. I'm getting the hang of it. But there is a slight upheavel on the horizon and i'm not sure if we (the company) are properly prepared. Oh well, there's only so much i can do.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oi Vey! Again!

So the cat isn't completely better yet. I will refrain from saying anything further until there is something substantive to report.

I'm no longer dreading going in to work in the mornings. I am far from looking forward to it, however.

Horn Balsting Good Time

If any of you have driven in London, ON you may be familiar with the intersection commonly called "Ham and Eggs". It is the intersectin of Hamilton Road, Egerton Street, and Trafalgar Road. That's right 3 roads! Anyway, there are lights and it's not nearly as confusing as it could be, or so i thought. i was waiting to turn left onto Egerton from Trafalgar, which is much like turning left from Hamilton onto Trafalgar. The difference being that Trafalgar and Hamilton are almost but not quite parallel. So you "pass" Hamilton (if you will) before you get completely through the intersection. So earlier tonight i was waiting to turn and there was one car ahead of me also waiting to turn. Light turns green, car starts to move, i start to move, car ahead comes to a dead stop. (Unlike most lefts the perpendicular traffic lights are very noticable). Driver must have seen the red light and thought it applied to him. So i lay on the horn, and on, and on, and on. Finally the car moves just as our green light is turning yellow. And what occured to me was this: What colour are the lights when you make a LEFT at any other intersection, dumbass!? The thing is the lights for trafic on Hamilton are also very noticable and also RED! Oh well, At least it wasn't at 5 o'clock.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Cat

The cat has made a remarkable recovery. Actually he was back to normal last Sunday. Completely normal. Mischieviously normal. In-the-way-of-everything normal. Not even afraid of the litterbox. (sometimes a problem with FLUTD). Yay!!

The Car

Finally got around to an oil change, still creaking and moaning though.

The Job

I don't enjoy going in to work as much as i once did. I think it's just a matter of time before that changes. I hope.

Other Stuff

Our ever shrinking "party" last weekend turned out to be 2 friends and the 2 of us. So we went out for Viet-Thia. Yum! Then we played Trivial Pursuit and laughed quite a bit over the poor/misleading wording of most clues. I suppose this week has been rather quiet. Ahhhh...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Not out of the woods yet

The cat is home and has been since Wednesday, i think. There has been one "out patient" visit to the vet. Meds were upped and urine analysis performed. NO CRYSTALS! High levels of red blood cells though.

He seems very much himself today. he is currently napping by my feet while i surf and whatnot. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It suddenly occurred to me....

(I'll save the cat news for later in the week, or something).

I had been thinking peaker=treble booster. And i was wondering who Torn is/was....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh bother, some more

The cat is back at the vet. He had a re-blockage of his urethra. :(
Cute's finger is still swollen. :(
The car is still making noise. :(

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cat Is Home

After racking up a bill larger than the car repair bill our cat is home.

The bee (or possible wasp) sting is very swollen and painful. We're keeping an eye on it. I've googled stings and all i can find out are things we already know. Ice it. Take antihistamines. Will swell a great deal. etc. :(

At least the week is over...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh bother....

The Car

The diagnosis for the car was that yes it's making noise. Something dry and tight was the wording. Simple fix: lubrication. Hopefully not too far underneath things (i.e. labour intensive). We booked an appointment and were set to drop off the car and take the shuttle. All planned for tomorrow morning. Then the cat started behaving oddly...

The Cat

Long story short: poor little guy has crystals and a swollen bladder. He's currently at the Cat Hospital. (yes that's what it's actually called). We should be able to pick him up tomorrow after work.

And Then...

After being at the after hours vet from before 10pm until after midnight (and racking up a bill) we finally got in the car to take our tired selves home. But not before i stepped in dog crap in the parking lot.

And Then This Morning...

After arriving at work Cutes got a bee sting. On the end of her finger. Ouch! :-(

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sashimi vs Giant Robots

We went out again for sushi. This time not the prepared-by-apprentice all you can eat. This time the prepared-by-master-on-slow-night regular menu order. It was without doubt the best tasting and best prepared sushi we've ever had. Radishes carved into ladybugs, lemon wheels turned into snails, ginger and cucumber transformed into a rose. That was just the garnish! Little rice and long "tails" on the nigiri, lots of tobiko on the maki, thick (amazingly) delicious sashimi. A wonderful experience all in all.

So we've learned our lesson. Go on a slow night, not on an all-you-can-eat night.

The Car

After the repair things were good. No more loose broken creaking. Yesterday morning a new noise emerged. Dry, tight creaking. Oh bother.....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Found my missing post

It was saved as a draft and is now posted. I guess i didn't look very hard for it....

The car must have looked at our bank balance

Ahh, the sun is beginning to peak out from behind the clouds this fine Staurday morn. Always good when the raining happens at night and the sunning happens in the day. (It'd be weird if the sun was at night though..) When i went out to get McBreakfast the car was quiet and handled almost like new. When i drove it away from the shop it handled like new, but it has loosened up a bit. Still a vast improvement over the condition it was in. There had been some noise coming from the front suspension. Creaking, moaning, sproinging and clunking. Mostly the noise happened at slow speeds, over bumbs or while turning (especially while pulling in or out of the driveway). Positively ghastly! Anyway it's all good as new now. We thought we could get away with some lubrication of parts but sadly it was already too late for that and NEW parts were needed. Still cheaper than a new car, however.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Tables have turnd

So i've been blogging a little at Mypace. I was having trouble loading up blogger, and then there were the limitations of Safari and whatnot. But tonight i couldn't open my blog page at MySpace. So guess what! I'm bloggin at blogger. How fitting.

Today was the first day of school. Lookout! School buses and children everywhere! Actually, it wasn't so bad. Leaving the parking lot of a certain institution of post secondary eduction was difficult. But the rest of the drive was smooth sailing.

Work wasn't quite so smooth. First official day in a new department. My training is happening while we're short staffed. Just a little stressful. Oh well. Whatryougonnado?

Tomorrow will be a little easier and before you know it everything will be second nature, or so i hope.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Missing post

There was another post i seem to have deleted. No matter, the links in it didn't work anyway. Long story short: Couldn't get on, posted elsewhere, couldn't insert links with Safari, dowloaded FireFox. All is well. Ahhhh.....

There's something happening here....

Okay. So the links don't work. This one should!

Look over there!

I couldn't log on earlier so i blogged elsewhere. Check it out at if that doesn't work i apologize. The preceeding was posted with safari. I've now got Firefox. Check out my other blog at my myspace page. Have fun!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Time for a change

I do believe it's time to change my links and such. Don't know if i need a new template. i quite enjoy the uncluttered nature of this one.

New month, on the verge of a new year. (Birthday soon) Seems like a good time to freshen things up. No back to school for me. New links instead of new pencils.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PC vs Mac

Our PC died. I turned it on yesterday and it just sat there blinking. Didn't even check the drives. Power on and then nothing. So i'm writing this using a Mac. A Mac we just happened to have lying around the house. (laying around?) Anyway..... I can't acces italics or different font size. Maybe i'm not looking hard enough. Okay, back to the story:

I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't that the PC contained oringinal music that i foolishly haven't backed up anywhere. Hopefully it can be recovered sometime in the future. If not i'll be very bummed out. I will also have learned a valuable lesson about writing down music in more than one place. I remember most of it, but the whole point of putting it in the (cheesy) sequencer was that i didn't have to remember it all. C'est la vie!

Now i will go surfing. A surfing Safari if you will. ;-)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mars Attacks!

So it turns out that Mars will not be the same size as the moon on the 27th. Oh well. What're you gonna do? Find something else to do at midnight i guess.


ConstructionFest has been subdued slightly this week. After not being able to make a right turn, and then not being able to make a left turn, (I'm glad we didn't try to go out in the interim!) the road is open in both directions. There's no asphalt and there are several dips and holes but the road is open. Hopefully paving will happen while we're out.

Eye Exam

I have had my eyes examined and my sight is 20/15. That explains all the comments i get similar to "how can you see that?" Not really important but i felt like being superior for a moment.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Incendiary Missives?

Something has been puzzling me.

Why do people say they are "firing off" an email, or "shooting" an email or some other similar thing? Are they munitions now? I'm rocket launching you a parcel for your birthday. I've sent you an inter-continental ballistic postcard. No. I don't think so.

Does it have something to do with rapid delivery and targeted recipients? Instead of taking days to show up at your house it instantly (more or less) arrives in your personal (cyber)space. Does that really make it a bullet? Once upon a time messages could have been fired or thrown or shot. Perhaps if attached to a bow or a bolt and shot at a large oaken door. Perhaps that only happened in movies. Still wouldn't you just send a message not fire it?

This brings me to a similar thing i hear people say. If one of our customers is unhappy with a job (read: product) it's not uncommon to hear, from the lab manager, that they are "firing" it back to us. Really?
Are they loading it into a shell and mortar blasting it back? I doubt it. I think they're couriering it to us. There's no firing, no shooting, occasional "blasting" on the telephone, but no projectile coming my way. I'm not being fired upon. Quit telling me things are being shot and/or fired! It's ridiculous, and as such i have ridiculed it.

Good day.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Double Festing

Two fests, one weekend.

Rib Fest (at Victoria Park)

Curt was coming for a visit. Snosh had gone to visit Curt. So the two of them came to visit us. On the way they encountered ConstructionFest, the unofficial summer-long festival of detours and dust. ConstructionFest has landed nearly at our doorstep. Once out of the complex and to the street one can only turn left. The intersection to the right is closed. Really closed. "No thoroughfare" sign, jersey-barrier-blockade closed. Despite all that they arrived on time and not frustrated. We all had some wobbly pops, visited and went downtown to RibFest. Cutes stayed home. Beer ( or possibly breakfast) did not agree with her. :-(

Rib Fest itself was quite uneventful. Snosh and i enjoyed the ribs of Kentucky Smokehouse while Curt had a veggie burger. Then we strolled around looking at what was for sale and ventured off to BalloonFest. We may have spent more time looking for free parking then we spent in the lineup for ribs. Perhaps not.

BalloonFest (at Harris Park)

As we made our way the second fest it seemed like many more people were leaving the park than going to it. As it was still quite light out we didn't think that meant no more balloons lifting off. We were wrong. Godzilla was being inflated as we arrived and after about half an hour of inflation he slowly came down to the ground looking like he was going to eat one of the nearby trailers. Quite entertaining. His head hit the ground just as the last chords of Trole were ringing out, it couldn't have been planned any better. So we stayed hoping to see balloons lift off but it was not to be. We got to see setup and tear down and nighttime balls of fire inbetween, all while listening to Mobile. Cool but not really that exciting. I'm kind of glad it was all free. We did see a guy with a 2'6" to 3' mohawk. That was cool. So we walked back to the car and returned to the house, mostly avoiding ConstructionFest on the way.

So we may have had just as good a time hanging out at the house. It's all good though. Snosh and Curt got to experience the oinking cat. I don't think people believe us when we talk about it. Sometimes when Lucky is purring he sounds like he's coughing something up, sometimes he sounds like he's rusty and needs to be oiled. But on rare occasions he stops purring and oinks. It's hilarious. Curt and Snosh thought it was quite comical. Excellent.

Oh, we bought a Mac. More on that some other day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's not the heat.....It's the humidity!

I was thinking It's not the heat, it's the stupidity or It's not the heat it's the humility. However, it is the heat. The heat is why i'm tired. It's why the power grid is overworked. It's why it smells kinda stale in here. (Actually that's the AC, so indirectly it's the heat). It's why the rose bush looks like it's auditioning for "Day Of The Triffids". Last night at 10:50 it was still 42 degrees with the humidex. 42 degrees! That's ridiculous. I took the kitchen garbage out to the curb and by the time i got back inside i was sweating. Continental heat wave indeed! At least the rose bush is happy.

(Now that i mention it, do bushes get happy? I've encountered some evidence to suggest that plants have memory and are capable of fear. Do they get happy? If they do, do they know that what they are is "happy"? Or is it no more than enjoying today a little bit more than, say, last week? I really don't want answers to these questions, in fact i'm kind of sorry i wrote all that. I'll just put it in parenthesis and we'll pretend it didn't happen.)

Various things on the horizon cause me to have hope. Not out of superstition will i not mention them. Simply it is this: i get annoyed when others talk greatly about their plans that never come to fruition. It's fine to have plans and hopes and dreams. Just realize the difference 'tween "i'm going to" and "i'd like to". Please, it will greatly reduce the amount of frustration in and around you! So, good things coming down the pipe.
Stay tuned, or logged on or whatever.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

21st Century Compliance

We have recently acquired digital cable. No longer do we need TV Guide or the listings from the newspaper. Just press a button on the remote and the guide appears onscreen. It saves $2 a week and (very slightly) reduces the amount of paper in our recycling. Yay! ;-)

Seriously though, it's much nicer to have an onscreen guide than to flip through pages of less than reliable information. Watching shows from different time zones is nice, however, i'm not sure if the few extra specialty channels we're getting are being viewed much. It's early, with time they will become as familiar as Friends re-runs.

I suppose this is just one more way of becoming compliant with the 21st Century. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. When i was younger i would have been resistant just for the sake of it. Now i'm not so sure if living without mod-cons is unnecessary self-denial or a noble rejection of imposed contrivances. What do you think?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nothing to say

Okay, this blogging thing seemed like a good idea at the time i signed up. But i just don't have that much to say/write. Really. In the course of the day i don't have much to say (hey that rhymed!) What witty observance am i going to have at night?, when i'm kind of tired. Maybe i need a gimmick. Maybe i need a theme. Maybe this is a lesson in "planning ahead".

Anyway..........................................I have a cat. (hee hee, inside joke) He's slightly overweight. He's orange stripes and white paws. His name is Lucky. He was found on the highway*, outside the entrance to a cement plant. He is lucky. Okay this sucks. I have no words of wisdom. I have no great hobby to chronicle. I'm just an average white suburbanite slob. Maybe my gimmick is intermittence. Maybe not.

Maybe i need something to complain about. Maybe not. Maybe it's good that i don't let too many things bother me. Maybe i should list a bunch of random things so my blog shows up in more searches. Hmmmm. Maybe not.

*two lanes, yellow line, gravel shoulders.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot Hot Hot!

"It's hot, it's damn hot. What were you, born on the sun?"

It is hot. I'll try to avoid cliches. I was only slightly cooler away from the BBQ than standing in front of it. There was no noticeable difference between the AC exhaust and the prevailing breeze. It's hot.

I used to like it hot, what the hell was wrong with me? Oh wait, that's right: it was the only time i was free from the pain of arthritis and my other inflammations. It wasn't so much that i liked the hot, i didn't like it cold. Especially air conditioned cold. I think i stopped liking hot weather once i started working. Working outside. In long sleeves and jeans. While i could stay in the heat for whatever amount of time i wanted and wear whatever i wanted i enjoyed hot weather. Once i had to labour in the heat it wasn't as enjoyable. Now i just like it when i don't need a coat. Y'know it's called spring. "Do i need a coat?" hee hee hee.

Nigiri vs Makki II

We went back for sushi. All you can eat sushi. We brought reinforcements. Salad, soup, tempura, 190 something pieces split between five people. (Mostly eaten be three of us though). I can't remember the last time i felt that full. (Today just before lunch i was so hungry i felt nauseous). For the first time ever our friend the bottomless pit said he was full, couldn't eat another bite. Amazing.

Service could have been quicker, however. The rice had expanded by the time round two arrived. Also, there was noticeably more wasabi for round two. Last week they tried rice. This week they tried wasabi. What'll it be next time!? We'll be ready. Perhaps we'll need to order alcohol to increase our appetites. Perhaps not.

It's hot.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Air Conditioning vs Open Windows

I woke up with dry eyes and a dry throat. I think this is symptomatic of having the AC running all night. I'm not sure, however, if this is better or worse than being restless all night because of the heat and humidity. I suppose decent sleep and dehydration is better than poor sleep and sweat that can't evaporate. Oh well, whatta you do?

I hear the washing machine beeping and must now go.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Nigiri vs Makki

Last night, all you can eat. Should have stuck to nigiri. All makki rolled like California roll, with extra rice! Barely eat enough to be worth it. We know for next time though. Ha ha, suckers!

Tonight, too much garlic in dinner. :-( Nuff said.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Noone, nothing nowhere

i only did this so i could post a comment about was. ya, ya i'm lame