Sunday, March 31, 2013

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UPDATE: April 23, 2013
This post is going to sit this way for a while. I have written the post. I have not yet photographed the drink. I'm just going to wait. Trust me, the wait will be worth it.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Penguin Month: Entry #10

Making a drink cold is important. It's as important as not having "tepid potato salad" (a real dish from a now defunct local restaurant)!

There are many ways to achieve a cold drink an The Kaiser did some research on our behalf.

Fred of Cocktail Virgin Slut also did some research, not on ice but on glassware chilling. Put these two studies together and there's no reason to have a drink at the wrong temperature ever again!

While Fred tested with a "vodka martini" The Kaiser chose the Fancy Gin Cocktail. Let's have one shall we?

Fancy Gin Cocktail
2 dashes simple syrup
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash curaçao
2 oz gin
lemon peel

Shake with ice. Strain in to a chilled coupe. Twist lemon peel over drink and drop it in.

I used Dillon's Unfiltered Gin 22 as it is the fanciest gin I have in the, uh, "cabinet."

I find that while I enjoy good gin in simple cocktails such as this one I prefer cheap gin in other drinks. This seems especially the case in drinks first made to hide the off flavours of bathtub gin. I find that the masking ends up masking too much with good smooth gin. On the other hand cheap gin seems to shine (or maybe clobber its way) through. Cheap gin seems to also go quite well with pickled onions, but that's a story or another day.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Penguin Month: Entry #9

I had not properly prepared for my deadline of this post so instead I posted some Lorem Ipsum and some descriptions in square brackets. This caused some confusion, I think. I've published the comment it elicited.

When first I read the forthcoming drink recipe I figured it would be similar to a Mai Tai. It is, perhaps drier. Wether you drink it from a straw or sip it from the glass I think might alter the perception of it. Anyway, here it is:

1.5 oz lemon juice
1 oz curaçao
0.75 oz orgeat
1.5 oz light Cuban Rum
1.5 oz Jamaican Rum
3 oz crushed ice

Blend all except Jamaican Rum with crushed ice. Pour into a DOF 2/3 full of crushed ice. Float Jamaican Rum. Garnish with a lime wheel and an orchid.

The original calls for light Puerto Rican rum buy as I'm in Ontario I take that to
mean "use Havana Club." If you're out of orchids you could always, well, stay tuned....


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Penguin Month: Entry #8

Fourscore and four months ago the Kaiser presented a Mai Tai recipe Comparison, for St Patrick's Day. I won't deviate from tradition. Well, I won't deviate too much. I think the Mai Tai is past the point of needing a comparison and we now all agree on how to make one, more or less. Some eschew the rock candy syrup (or simple syrup) and I think this is entirely dependent on the sweetness of the other ingredients. Martinique rum is not available here so for the longest time I used only Jamaican rum.  I now use Barbancourt as a sub for the Martinique and this is not without precedent so don't go thinking I've committed some Tiki heresy or something. Anyway, enough about that and on with the show!

Mai Tai
1 oz Jamaican Rum 
1 oz Barbancourt 3 star
0.75 oz lime juice
0.5 oz orgeat
0.5 oz triple sec

Shake with crushed ice. Pour unstrained in to a bucket. Garnish with spent lime shell and mint.

The very first time I made a Mai Tai I used Gosling's. It was deliscious! It reminded me of an Outerbridge's Rum Swizzle, but better. Way better. The way I make them now it no longer reminds me of Bermuda and instead is its own sensation.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Penguin Month: Entry # 7

The Bobby Burns is another one of those cocktails upon which my library disagrees. I suspect your library is no different. Why even the CocktailDB gives us three versions! Anyway, since we're waddling and all why not use the Penguin's recipe?

Bobby Burns
2 oz scotch
1 oz sweet vermouth
0.25 oz Benedictine

Stir; Strain; Up

It is a little Rob Roy-ish isn't it?


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waddling-Through-The-Kaiser Month: Entry #6

On the 12th of March the Kaiser reviewed products from Fee Brothers. Uh, right. I do have some Fee's products but instead of a review I will give you a non-alcoholic drink. (Fee's bitters are a glycerine solution and contain no alcohol).

Celery Bitters Highball
8-12 dashes Celery Bitters
1 dash simple syrup
club soda
lemon twist

Add bitters and syrup to a highball glass filled with ice. Top with soda and lemon twist. Stir

There you have it. A refresher for those not drinking or an "evening extender" for those who are drinking.


Monday, March 11, 2013

<strike>Mystery</strike> Waddling Through The Kaiser Month: Entry #5

Today is March 11th. Time to add Peychaud's Bitters to your bar. Don't have them? Get some. Can't find them? Order them online. Can't be shipped to your region? Uh, make a Barnum?

Anyway, here's tonight's drink:

2 oz gin
1 oz apricot brandy
3 dashes Peychaud's bitters
0.75 oz lime juice.

Shake? Strain; Up


Saturday, March 09, 2013

(Not So Much A) Mystery Month: Entry #4

It's March 9th. There will be no recipe comparison. The will be no question at the end of the post asking if you've ever seen The Seven Year Itch. There will be no quote from Anthrax's I'm The Man '91. There sadly is no +1 Barspoon Of Panache. There is no mystery.

Muse Of Doom of Feu de Vie has guessed correctly! The Aviation is next; I'm "Stomping Through" Kaiser Penguin.

Why am I doig this? Why not? Besides these are all good drinks and if you do follow along at home you'll equip your bar nicely by the time we've finished.

On with the show!

1.5 oz gin
0.5 oz maraschino liqueur
0.5 oz lemon juice
Shake; Strain; Up; Coupe; lemon twist

I used the recipe from F&W Cocktails 2012 provided by Charlotte Voisey. Just like KP you may find disparity amongst (within?) your books when seeking this recipe. Perhaps an informal recipe comparison isn't a bad thing to do in ones home. Anyway, this recipe omits Crème de Violette and as that liqueur is absent from my bar I decide on using the rather floral Dillon's Unfiltered Gin 22.

Even though it was the booze-blogger's darling the Aviation eluded me for quite some time. Maraschino is now (and has been for a few years) available in Ontario but not in every city. I may have stumbled upon a suitable and even funkier(!) substitution however. Stay tuned.


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Mystery Month: Entry #3

I mentioned last time that I'm inadvertently doing something. I'm purposely doing something to: The Mystery! (Post in the comments if you've figured it out.) before we get to the inadvertent thing I need to tell you a little, uh, story.

I imagine most of my readers are like me as have a sizeable home bar. As such making a drink on a whim is no problem whether it be in a book, in a magazine or on a blog. It wasn't always the case for me. When first I waded into the waters of reading booze-blogs I found that most drinks I couldn't make; I simply didn't have all the bottles! There was some frustration. There was some longing. Mostly there was research. A lot of research. This research came in the form of blog (archive) reading and in making notes - mental or otherwise - of recipe sources. I didn't dare join the Mixoloseum chat - not yet - or comment on any blogs but read I did.

What I did not read until mug later was advice on how I properly stock my home bar. I went about it a little backwards. I went completely back wards with amari. I bought Fernet before Campari. I bought Fernet before nearly everything! (Where oh where from could such a ridiculous idea have come?) If you want good advice about stocking a bar I could point to a few places or you could just make all the drinks I'm posting this month. You needn't keep pace but if you do make all these drinks you'll have a decent collection at the end and the necessary bottles to make many other drinks too!

So, it's March 7th. That must mean its time to add Campari to your bar!

Lucien Gaudin
1 oz gin
0.5 oz triple sec
0.5 oz Campari
0.5 oz dry vermouth

Stir; Strain; Orange twist.

Yet another drink you might find in VSFC ... or you might find elsewhere.


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Mystery Month: Entry #2

Alright kids I'll throw you a frickin bone. I'll at least tell you what my March theme isn't. I am not devising new, mostly facetious (and potentially fatal) drinking games similar to my The Thin Man game. I am not following through on my (mostly facetious) plan to reblog the entirety of Cocktail Virgin Slut. In addition to what I'm doing I am inadvertently doing something else. I'll touch on that "something else" next time. For now on with the show!

Ever do you find yourself in a cocktail slump or an uninterested funk? Make one of these drinks. Hell, make four!

2 oz London Dry Gin
1 oz Apricot Liqueur
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
0.5 oz lemon juice

You might find this drink almost too sweet, until the gin hits. You might find this drink gets you out of a slump, if ever you're in such a thing. You might find this drink in Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails and you just might find it somewhere else too!

Before I go I have a question for you.
What do you mix up to bring back your joy of cocktails?

Monday, March 04, 2013

Mystery Month: Entry #1

It's March. How do we follow the awesomeness that is Tiki Month 2013? However we please. Doug simplifies with Old Fashioneds and the like. Everyone else? Wait and see I suppose...

I've come up with a project for March. Rather than tell you outright what it is I'm going to see how long I can obfuscate what the, uh, "theme" actually is.

If you think you've got it please comment! I will for my part walk the line between obvious and obscure when it comes to clues. Anyway, as it is March 4th I will take a drink already renamed for the purpose of confusion and rename it again.

1.5 oz rye
1.5 oz pastis
1.5 oz sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters
1.5 tsp egg white


This drink may have come from a book by Charles H. Baker and it came to my attention from somewhere else. That somewhere else is my theme for the month. I used Rittenhouse Rye. The original recipe calls for Pernod but I used Ricard because I am a contrarian that's what I have. I used Martini & Rossi Vermouth and I used Fee Bros. Bitters (even though potentially better quality bitters are available).

The pastis comes through first to
me followed by the rye. The bitters make vague suggestions later on. Strangely the vermouth is almost undetectable to me; Usually Martini & Rossi is a force to contend with. Perhaps I should investigate this phenomenon with some rye Manhattans? We'll see....

Calle Calle Cutta!
(Kali Kali Kuta!)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lousy Smarch Weather!

I have a thematic idea. It will carry me the blog through the entire month of March. I could go all year (or several years for that matter) but I think one month is sufficient. I'd like to see how long I can go without actually saying what the theme is. We'll see if any readers make the connection. We'll see if I make the clues too obscure or too obvious. I invite you to pay along at home. Sorry though there's no recipe tonight. No recipe but a picture. I'll let you imagine what was in it. It's unintentionally fitting that I drink that particular drink. Perhaps it is only fitting for me; we'll get to that. I will leave you with a question.

What would you have put in this vessel?