Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mixology Monday one oh six: Spring Break (Woohoo!)

Once again we find ourselves at the online cocktail party that is Mixology Monday. This time around hosted by Joel at Southern Ash. Spring Break is the theme and that puts me in mind of having a delicious bevvie on a patio. Perhaps even on my own patio!

This winter took a while to arrive and has teased us more than once now that it's leaving. Nevertheless when I look out our bistro set covered in snow I think back to warmer sunnier weather and grapefruit. Who's to say if this spring and summer will follow suit but last year was the year of both the radler and the Paloma. Maybe this year I'll make a Paloma with radler! Anyway, my soda of choice is S.Pellegrino Pompelmo (as recommended by Camper English) and I usually go with the Esquire recipe.

2 oz tequila
0.5 oz lime juice
pinch of salt 
Grapefruit soda

Build as a Collins (or as a Fizz, if you're nasty). 


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Z-Bomb A Nation

It's been a while since I posted a drink that I've dared you to drink. Or maybe it's just satire? 

Z Bomination
2 oz Rose's Lime Cordial
1 oz El Dorado 12
0.5 oz Sunset 169
0.5 oz cinnamon syrup
2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
1/6 tsp absinthe

Shake with tiki-intent and serve in a chimney glass over crushed ice. Garnish with tiki mayhem.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Compound It!

ICYMI: Tiki Month has begun on Doug's Pegu Blog. This year the focus is on current Tiki, or the currents within Tiki, or somesuch. Anyway...

There has been and continues to be a lacking in my tiki-ing. While most of the time I make do with a deft substitution or two (as not all rums are available in all jurisdictions) sometimes i have to go without. Once you've tasted enough rum you can make educated substitutions when a recipe calls for a rum you have not got. There is one substitution though that is forbidden. NOTHING can replace Lemon Hart 151.. they say. If you haven't got it or Hamilton Demerara 151 then forget it! JFL advises  such and also against El Dorado overproof meanwhile Kevin Upthegrove suggests some alternatives rather than outright substitutions. Might get you in the ballpark, or the parking lot, but, really, if you haven't got it you're skunked. If the recipe can't accomodate "the ole switheroo" then why bother, right? Well... there was that Golden Grain trick DJ Hawaiin Shirt mentioned...

One could rely on southern friends and chance shipping liquor across a border. One could also travel and hope that dusties can be found in Michigan or upstate NY. If Lamb's 151 would suffice a trip to Quebec might do.. There are "imperfect" substitutions available of course. Most of the year Bacardi and JWray are the overproof options in Ontario. There is Stroh 80 from time to time but it's best left for feats of fortitude and use in the kitchen. But wait, what's this? From St Vincent comes Sunset 169 (84.5% alc/vol). Gadzooks! It's certainly not hooch, after all.

So armed with a bottle of Sunset, the Pearson square (learned from Matthew Rowley's latest book) and Lemon Hart 80 (or perhaps another 40% abv demerara rum?) one can make erzatz Demarera 151... maybe.

It's resting. I'll let you know.

Be Well!