Sunday, March 23, 2014

MxMo Eighty-Three: Preserves

It's time again for Mixology Monday.  Our host this time is Craig at A World Of Drinks. The theme is preserves. Here's a little blurb:

 The aim of the challenge is to go back to the days of the preserve, pick an ingredient, seasonal or not and treat it as if you won’t be seeing it again for quite some time. Syrups, sorbets, jam, shrubs and the like are all fair game, anything that will preserve the integral character of your favourite ingredient.

20140323-222951.jpgThere you have it. I must've glossed over the inclusion of syrups on my first reading as I was going to opt out. I didn't think this was really up my alley, in my wheelhouse; Within my purview etc. After some cajoling from Muse & Joel I decided to throw my hat in the ring after all. There was a brief dalliance with red pepper jelly (and a dalliance with onions) and then I spied something in the Spring 2014 issue of Food & Drink. (The seasonal magazine offered by the LCBO.) What I spied was the Blue Lavender Collins. It's construction making it more a fizz than a Collins but that was moot as blueberry-lavender jam was not in the pantry. In the pantry was Niagara peach-lavender jam! 

Niagara Fix
scant 1.0 oz peach-lavender jam
0.5 oz lemon juice

Stir with crushed ice in a small glass. Garnish with mint and with lavender blossoms. Serve with a straw.

And now a word of warning: You can't make this drink! Even if you do somehow have Dillon's Gin 22 you certainly don't have Kate's jam! But I'll bet there is a small distillery somewhere near you and that they make gin. I'll also bet someone even more near you makes jam. Hell, make your own jam!! So your drink won't be exactly like my drink. So what? Your Monday won't be exactly like my Monday but it'll still be Monday. Mixology Monday, even! 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I Shoulda Know Bettah

It's been a good news/bad news week and it's only Tuesday! Don't worry though the news is all booze related, nothing too serious. 

First the good news:
Dillon's Distillers ( has opened their online store! This means I can order small batch spirits and bitters and have them delivered to my door direct from the distillery!! This may be old hat in some jurisdictions but this is a big deal in Ontario! 

Now some bad news:
The other night I broke my Swing-A-Way (style) ice crusher. Not the entire thing but part of the inside which happens to be made of plastic. It still works but is more of a corner-rounder-offer than a crusher. Boo. 

Today I learned that eBay considers Angostura Bitters to be "a bottle of alcohol" and as such I've had my money refunded from an auction I won and I am not the proud owner of a still sealed pre-1992 16oz bottle. Boo-urns. I suppose it is a bottle of alcohol though… sort of like how vanilla extract is a bottle of alcohol or like how a Hungry-Man dinner is a box of salt. Ah well, lesson learned. 

Be well. 

Sunday, March 02, 2014


The gardener sat anxiously beside the driver. Neither was sure if the shop they were heading to was still open. As the storefront came in to view the gardener asked if the shop was open. 

"I can't really tell from here," the driver replied. "Maybe once we're through the intersection we'll be able to see."
"I see a red sign."
"That's a good sign!"
"No, it's an open sign."