Sunday, November 16, 2008

Must've been the coffee...

So.... This morning we baked some cookies. They're not the best. They remain "cooling" on the counter. Then I brewed some coffee. For lunch I baked a lasagna. All was well. This evening I went out to get some groceries. When I came home the house had a familiar scent. The odours from the baking and brewing had combined to make the house smell like a Church Hall. How odd. For a moment I expected to see an out-of-tune piano up against one wall, ;-)

What can I make the house smell like next?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wha Wha

So, I fixed the wah. I bought a new pot and (poorly) soldered it in. Sounds good. Better than when I first got it even! (It was second hand...)

Anyway, the cat still doesn't like it. As I was playing he started meowing incessantly and was pawing at my hand so that I would pet him instead of play. However, as soon as I switched it off he sat silently at my feet while I played guitar. Odd.

Oh well.....