Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uh, Excuse Me.....

That's a birdbath, not a squirrel fountain.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vietnamese Coffee

Have you ever had Vietnamese coffee? I had it today, for only the second time. Despite the fact that we eat Viet-Thai quite regularly I have only twice had coffee. The first time black, this time with condensed milk. Yum! It took nearly my entire meal to drip through. I had it as a dessert beverage. First I sipped it without stirring. Wonderful, flavourful black coffee. The I stirred it up. Amazing, sweet concoction. I made it last longer by adding some of the provided hot water. (kept hot through the meal in a vacuum flask). It became less intense but perhaps more enjoyable. Each addition of water brought it closer to (North) American style coffee. Until, for the last few sips, it was just like any other after-dinner-cream-and-sugar affair. Just with much more flavour. I'll have to have it again sometime.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Courting Cardinals

It must be spring. A couple of cardinals in the backyard. Other birds in the birdbath too! Not at the same time though.......

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hagelslag & Tulips

Last night I was pondering our front garden. It needs some help. As do the front steps/walkway. We will need new concrete, it's inevitable! So, if we get a new walkway, why not replace the stony retaining "wall" with concrete as well? A better constructed barrier between walkway and garden surely will lead to a better garden. Or at least a less likely to erode garden.

Speaking of the eroding garden, I do not care much for the plants in it. I haven't consulted the rest of the household, but I anticipate that none of the plants are cherished by anyone. So, I was thinking we could plant tulips. Lots and lots of tulips. Of course one needs other plants/flowers as well. Tulips don't last forever! Still though, mostly tulips methinks.

This morning whilst considering what to have for breakfast I opened the cupboard and saw staring back at me a box of sprinkles. Much like this one . So I buttered some bread (sorry, not toast) and had a wonderful chocolatey breakfast. Much like this one. Yum!

Later that same day......

A co-worker was telling me about my house. How he had been in it once as an adolescent. He was on a team with the dutch boy who lived there/here.

"Dutch," I thought to myself,"Hmmm."

So, I think tulips are quite fitting for the garden.
And chocolate is appropriate for breakfast.
And I will keep puns and put-downs to myself.