Sunday, September 24, 2006

Not out of the woods yet

The cat is home and has been since Wednesday, i think. There has been one "out patient" visit to the vet. Meds were upped and urine analysis performed. NO CRYSTALS! High levels of red blood cells though.

He seems very much himself today. he is currently napping by my feet while i surf and whatnot. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It suddenly occurred to me....

(I'll save the cat news for later in the week, or something).

I had been thinking peaker=treble booster. And i was wondering who Torn is/was....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh bother, some more

The cat is back at the vet. He had a re-blockage of his urethra. :(
Cute's finger is still swollen. :(
The car is still making noise. :(

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cat Is Home

After racking up a bill larger than the car repair bill our cat is home.

The bee (or possible wasp) sting is very swollen and painful. We're keeping an eye on it. I've googled stings and all i can find out are things we already know. Ice it. Take antihistamines. Will swell a great deal. etc. :(

At least the week is over...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh bother....

The Car

The diagnosis for the car was that yes it's making noise. Something dry and tight was the wording. Simple fix: lubrication. Hopefully not too far underneath things (i.e. labour intensive). We booked an appointment and were set to drop off the car and take the shuttle. All planned for tomorrow morning. Then the cat started behaving oddly...

The Cat

Long story short: poor little guy has crystals and a swollen bladder. He's currently at the Cat Hospital. (yes that's what it's actually called). We should be able to pick him up tomorrow after work.

And Then...

After being at the after hours vet from before 10pm until after midnight (and racking up a bill) we finally got in the car to take our tired selves home. But not before i stepped in dog crap in the parking lot.

And Then This Morning...

After arriving at work Cutes got a bee sting. On the end of her finger. Ouch! :-(

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sashimi vs Giant Robots

We went out again for sushi. This time not the prepared-by-apprentice all you can eat. This time the prepared-by-master-on-slow-night regular menu order. It was without doubt the best tasting and best prepared sushi we've ever had. Radishes carved into ladybugs, lemon wheels turned into snails, ginger and cucumber transformed into a rose. That was just the garnish! Little rice and long "tails" on the nigiri, lots of tobiko on the maki, thick (amazingly) delicious sashimi. A wonderful experience all in all.

So we've learned our lesson. Go on a slow night, not on an all-you-can-eat night.

The Car

After the repair things were good. No more loose broken creaking. Yesterday morning a new noise emerged. Dry, tight creaking. Oh bother.....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Found my missing post

It was saved as a draft and is now posted. I guess i didn't look very hard for it....

The car must have looked at our bank balance

Ahh, the sun is beginning to peak out from behind the clouds this fine Staurday morn. Always good when the raining happens at night and the sunning happens in the day. (It'd be weird if the sun was at night though..) When i went out to get McBreakfast the car was quiet and handled almost like new. When i drove it away from the shop it handled like new, but it has loosened up a bit. Still a vast improvement over the condition it was in. There had been some noise coming from the front suspension. Creaking, moaning, sproinging and clunking. Mostly the noise happened at slow speeds, over bumbs or while turning (especially while pulling in or out of the driveway). Positively ghastly! Anyway it's all good as new now. We thought we could get away with some lubrication of parts but sadly it was already too late for that and NEW parts were needed. Still cheaper than a new car, however.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Tables have turnd

So i've been blogging a little at Mypace. I was having trouble loading up blogger, and then there were the limitations of Safari and whatnot. But tonight i couldn't open my blog page at MySpace. So guess what! I'm bloggin at blogger. How fitting.

Today was the first day of school. Lookout! School buses and children everywhere! Actually, it wasn't so bad. Leaving the parking lot of a certain institution of post secondary eduction was difficult. But the rest of the drive was smooth sailing.

Work wasn't quite so smooth. First official day in a new department. My training is happening while we're short staffed. Just a little stressful. Oh well. Whatryougonnado?

Tomorrow will be a little easier and before you know it everything will be second nature, or so i hope.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Missing post

There was another post i seem to have deleted. No matter, the links in it didn't work anyway. Long story short: Couldn't get on, posted elsewhere, couldn't insert links with Safari, dowloaded FireFox. All is well. Ahhhh.....

There's something happening here....

Okay. So the links don't work. This one should!

Look over there!

I couldn't log on earlier so i blogged elsewhere. Check it out at if that doesn't work i apologize. The preceeding was posted with safari. I've now got Firefox. Check out my other blog at my myspace page. Have fun!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Time for a change

I do believe it's time to change my links and such. Don't know if i need a new template. i quite enjoy the uncluttered nature of this one.

New month, on the verge of a new year. (Birthday soon) Seems like a good time to freshen things up. No back to school for me. New links instead of new pencils.