Monday, March 30, 2009

Zombies! (They're Coming To Get Us)

I think the zombies are already here. It's a metaphor for modern man, right? Isn't that what the zombie movies are really telling us? It's not that they're horror movies, they're social commentary. They're political critique. Existential ruminations about the loss of self. About the sameness,about powerlessness, about carelessness. The undead aren't coming to actually eat our brains. Our brains are being eaten by modern distractions (read b.s.). We have to take our metaphorical shotguns and torches and fend them off! Forget about "montée hors de la merde." Fight the zombies!

If I could eat nothing but ___ for a year

I think I could live for a year on Scottish food. Really.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Had Some Ideas...

No, really, i had a great idea. Some interesting things actually happened, I was going to blog about actual stuff (Not packages left on doorsteps, not sushi) But......I'm going to bed instead.


Plinky? I Prefer Plinko!

So, I occasionally have bloggers block. I figured I'd give Plinky a try. Blech! It's like school. An assignment or a questionnaire or something. You call that a blog prompt? I don't think so...

I'm not sure what I was really expecting, but I know I'm disappointed.

Oh well.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

You need this flying car

So I tried out plinky. This is the question it gave me:

Engineers are getting closer to the dream of the flying car. How would you sell one of these if you were an auto dealer?

How would I sell one? One word: poorly.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Second Blog...

I've been thinking about creating a second blog. Not just a reposted blog but a different one with different content, I won't spoil the surprise yet. We'll see if I actually follow through....

Anyway, spring is here and my wrist is getting back to normal. Didn't I ever tell you about my wrist? Someday.......

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I disagree with question 8. It sounds like an opinion question. Nothing appeared very wrong to me in the thumbnail I saw. Oh well...

Question 1What does this say?????
1. a bird in the bush
2. a bird in the tree
3. a bird in my bush
4. a bird in the the bush (Correct Answer)
5. a bush in the tree

Question 2what is the word hidden in this picture???????
1. get
2. pet
3. net
4. let
5. jet (Correct Answer)

Question 3Stare at the centre of the pinwheel for about 30 seconds then look at the back of your hand. You should see a scary flesh creep effect. Ych a fi!
1. what that makes no sence
2. WOW!!
3. it worked
4. no it didnt work (Correct Answer)

Question 4what does this say
1. whichillusions
2. wordillusion (Correct Answer)
3. wordillusiom

Question 5do u see a young lady or an old lady.
1. Old lady
2. none
3. young lady
4. both (Correct Answer)
5. young man

Question 6does this really move or is it your imagination??????
1. it moves
2. imagination (Correct Answer)
3. nither

Question 7These scary fellows don't always appear as they seem. Obviously Dr. Angry appears on the left and Mr. Smiles on the right. But if you back away from your computer screen a few feet, the effect will switch around; Mr. Smiles will change places with Dr. Angry. The effect works at different distances for some people. I had to move back about 15 feet before the switch occurred.
1. wow it really works (Correct Answer)
2. nope doesnt change

Question 8Something appears very wrong with this picture. Can you find it
1. chairs
2. plant
3. railing (Correct Answer)
4. laptop
5. none of the above (Your Answer)

Question 9If there was a rooster sitting on a roof, and it laid an egg which way would the egg roll.
1. north
2. it wouldnt roll
3. west
4. roosters dont lay eggs (Correct Answer)
5. east

Question 10Mr and Mrs Smith were going to get married but they had to go over the river, how did they get over the river.
1. boat
2. airoplane
3. they were already married (Correct Answer)
4. they didnt want to get married anymore
5. swam
Your Answer: Skipped

Question 11If you went into a dark room with one match, and there was a fire place,a gas lanton and a lamp whic would you light first???
1. lamp
2. match (Correct Answer)
3. fireplace
4. lanton
5. none

Furthermore, question 10 doesn't say that Mr and Mrs Smith are getting married to each other. Nor is there a stipulation that it is not a second marriage/renewal. There just isn't enough information in the question to properly draw a conclusion.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I Like Bowling

10 pin, that is. 5 pin has never held the same fascination for me. Not sure why. But 10 pin, oh yeah! We went bowling today, at a retro styled place. We should bowl more often. I should bowl more often anyway. I really do enjoy it. I like bowling shirts, I like the shoes, I like the retro bowling posters. I like Formica, I like cartoony atomic & boomerang designs, I even like bowling signs. Why don't I go bowling more often? I don't know. Anyway, I'm off to read up about the history of bowling...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wesson Oil, Chili, Sick & Wrong

I'm making chili. I searched for chili cook-off winning recipes. I encountered one that called for use of Wesson oil. Wesson isn't a brand one sees around hear. In fact I didn't know it was a brand for the longest time. I did know it was a song though. A song by a band called Sick & Wrong. So today, like times in the past, when I read Wesson oil I first thought of the song. I suppose for those already familiar with Wesson as a grocery item, hearing the song would have been a different experience than was mine. I wonder if I will now have strange imagery associated with making chili.....