Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nigiri vs ...Hand Roll?

So we've dicovered the secret to sushi portion control. The hand roll! Take as much or as little as you like. It's like a seabreeze ice cream cone, or something. I already knew the secret to avoiding rice: SASHIMI! Yum! From now on nigiri and maki will be no match for HAND ROLL. HA HA HA HA HA. All we can eat indeed!

The Car

It's making noises again. Similar to the old noises, just on the driver's side this time. Not good.

The Job

It's going well. The new position that is. I was away yesterday. Upon my return someone said something about "falling apart without [me]". Right on! In all fairness though, i wasn't the only one absent.....


Bertuzzi in HockeyTownUSA, eh? Hmmm. And no more Jason Williams.......

It's amazing who can be found on iTunes. ;-) Acker Bilk AND Clint Ruin!?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Links

I'm changing my links again. Once i get to it i may just add new ones. We'll see.....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh, little ramekin of slaw.
Perched on the side of my Friday fish dinner.
How tasty you are.
Oops i dropped some of you on the table.
Mmmmm, tar-tar sauce.
Tartar, slaw, tartar, slaw, tartar, slaw.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Drinky drink drinks, the drinks I drank

Recently i watched an episode of Good Eats in which Alton Brown claimed you only need know how to make three drinks and you can make any cocktail. Maybe. This might be true. His key cocktails were the Martini, the Daiquiri (the real thing, not the frozen blender thing) and a Mint Julep. He also briefly touched upon highballs. So four drinks might be more accurate. If you can make one highball you can make them all. Cuba Libre, G & T, Rye & Ginger, Screwdriver, all really the same. So first we have the Martini. Gin, vermouth, olive. Aside from the obvious variations-gibson, vodka martini, dirty martini, smoky martini, etc-it does transform easily into other drinks. Leave the gin alone and change the vermouth to Rose's Lime and you've got a Gimlet. Change the gin to whiskey and the dry vermouth to sweet and you have a Manhattan. Change the whiskey to scotch, pour the whole thing over ice and you've got a Rob Roy. Now, replace the scotch with vodka and the vermouth with Kahlua and you've got a Black Russian. Change that vodka to brandy and the Kahlua to creme de menthe and it's a Green Hornet. Remove the ice and make it clear, i.e. uncoloured, creme de menthe and you have a Stinger. Change the brandy back to gin, take out the vermouth and add bitters: Pink Gin. Supposed stomach settler. I could go on. I won't. Let's talk about the Daiquiri instead.

The invention of Hemingway, or The Floridata, so they say. Rum, syrup, lime juice. YUM. :-)

This drink must be shaken. The previous could be stirred. Has to do with the ease of homogenisation. Anyway, change the rum to tequila, the syrup to cointreau and you have a Margarita. Another drink often, disgracefully, made in a blender. Take the margarita, replace the tequila with brandy, the salt with sugar and you're drinking a Sidecar. Put in creme de cacao instead of cointreau, cream instead of lime and it's a Brandy Alexander. Change the brandy to creme de menthe and your alexander becomes a Grasshopper. Leave the cream, but replace the creme de menthe with vodka and the creme de cacao with Kahlua and you've got a White Russian. ;-) [Anyone for a B-52?] Change the cream back to lime, the Kahlua to syrup, the creme de menthe to gin. Shake it. Pour it over ice. Top with soda. It's a Gin Fizz. Stir instead of shake and it's a Tom Collins. Change the gin to another liquor and it's a Collins of a different name. (You can look them up). Leave out the fizz, add cranberry and it's Carrie Bradshaw's favourite: the Cosmopolitan.

Alright. That's quite a few drinks. More than enough to please a crowd. I'm just not sure how useful the Mint Julep is as a "blueprint drink". It begets the Mojito. ..........and the Caipirinni .............i suppose. Let's see:

Muddle mint/key limes with sugar. Add ice. Pour in Bourbon/Cachaca. Top with soda. Refreshing. That's three drinks. But how much muddling can one bartender do?

Let's recap shall we. Rum & Coke leads to "____" & "_____" drinks. And all highballs. Martini leads to Manhattan and any drink that can be stirred. Daiquiri leads to Margarita and any drink in need of shaking. Mint Julep leads to different kind of Mint Julep, ...........................and toddies. Change mint to orange slice, include cloves as well as sugar, keep bourbon, change ice and seltzer to boiling water. Administer to invalid. Maybe he's on to something......


Saturday, February 10, 2007

After cleaning out the fridge and freezer we realized we had very few options for dinner. Grilled cheese it was. Chicken fingers for lunch, seemed silly to have them for dinner as well. Maybe we'll finally get this meal planning thing under conrtol. Or maybe we'll just eat out all the time. Regardless, buying food and then throwing it away has got to stop. :(

Maybe we need a smaller fridge. Like a european fridge. Then things wouldn't get lost in the recesses of it and be discovered later when no longer edible.

"Maybe we will Lois, maybe we will."

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Garbage Night

It would seem ive made editing this thing harder on myself than i needed to. I should really pay attention to those update notices....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A little knowledge...

Is a dangrous thing. Or so the saying goes. with my limited know how i've change the look of this page ever so slightly. I plan to keep doing it until i find something i really like. Or until i can't be bothered anymore. Whichever comes first.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


In keeping with my plan i'm going to spruce up this place. Some new things to click on, or maybe just rearange the ones i've got. Anyway, time for a new look. Once upon a time it had been my plan to change things monthly. I think that's a little far fetched now. How bout instead of monthly, whenever i get around to it?That's when everything else on the web seems to happen. I also toyed with the idea of making every word a different link. Now that's having time on ones hands.....


Monday, February 05, 2007


I was going to change the links on this page. Originally i had plans to change the links every month. I also had ambitions to blog every monday and saturday. So my blog was going to be about not keeping my schedule, changing my links, and how links are like coffee table books. no matter, an other time perhaps. Can't be bothered cutting and pasting URLs right now.

What was I thinking

The other day i had a great idea for what to blog about. I figured it could wait until i had time. It was a good topic and i had much to say about it. Do you think i can remember what it is? I have no clue. Rats. I haven't got even the slightest idea. It'll come to me.... I hope.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

An exciting game, for a change

Again we found ourselves at the JLC for a Knights game. This Thursday against Guelph. The first period was discouraging. Outshot 24 to 6. Outscored too. We couldn't see all the action, but we could smell it! First row behind the bench, ripe! Right on centre ice too. Can't believe we bought the tickets the night before the game. Every game's a sellout huh? They rallied back in the second and then the 3rd was kind of a wash. Final score London 7 Guelph 6. Free hamburgers all around. When the number generator chose 6 the entire crowd moaned. That's got to lift your spirits as a player. All's well that end's well.