Nigiri vs ...Hand Roll?

So we've dicovered the secret to sushi portion control. The hand roll! Take as much or as little as you like. It's like a seabreeze ice cream cone, or something. I already knew the secret to avoiding rice: SASHIMI! Yum! From now on nigiri and maki will be no match for HAND ROLL. HA HA HA HA HA. All we can eat indeed!

The Car

It's making noises again. Similar to the old noises, just on the driver's side this time. Not good.

The Job

It's going well. The new position that is. I was away yesterday. Upon my return someone said something about "falling apart without [me]". Right on! In all fairness though, i wasn't the only one absent.....


Bertuzzi in HockeyTownUSA, eh? Hmmm. And no more Jason Williams.......

It's amazing who can be found on iTunes. ;-) Acker Bilk AND Clint Ruin!?


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