Mixology Monday 107: Burden Of Proof

 Welcome gentle reader to MxMo 107. It is once again time for the monthly online cocktail party called Mixology Monday. If you're a regular reader you are likely familiar with it (as nearly all of my previous 24 posts have been related to it) but in case you're new to my blog or otherwise not familiar with mixology monday please read up about it here. Got it? Good! Let's begin...

My theme this time is overproof. Or rather how you utilize overproofs.  Do you sub them into your standards? Save them for accents in particular recipes? Pour them into ceramic volcanoes and set them on fire? Reserve them only for making liqueres? Whatever it be I'm looking for your recipes that use overproofs as base or as modifier in a noticeable-


"What's an overproof," you ask? 
"Well, uh, yeah..."

First let's decide what is proof. It's my party so I say 50% abv is proof. Above that is overproof. You disagree? Host your own party! (No really host a MxMo it'll be fun.) So BIB liquors are exempt this month but lots of bottles are fair game! Whether it boldly proclaims its strength on the label or nonchalantly lets you discover its strength for yourself use that bottle that packs a punch in a drink this month. 

How meet the Burden Of Proof:

  • Find, create, or augment a recipe to showcase an overproof spirit (or two, or three..)
  • Make your recipe and photograph the results (or process) and share it along with your thoughts on your blog, Tumblr, website or on eGullet.
  • Please include the MxMo logo as well as a link to this blogpost and to Mixology Monday
  • The deadline is March 21, 2016. Inform me of your entry with a comment and link on this post or tweet me your link @dagreb with the hashtag #MxMo

Many thanks to Paul Clarke for beginning this all and to Fred Yarm for sustaining it and continuing to indulge me.



Stacy said…
Thanks for hosting this month. Here's my submission http://www.stacymarkow.com/2016/03/16/green-chartreuse-smash/
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed this month's topic very much, since I could make my favorite rum drink. http://www.meticulousmixing.com/kerosene-and-battery-acid-grog/
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
logophobe said…
Hey Dagreb! I had a lot of fun with this month's theme, here's my submission: http://bunchofdrinks.blogspot.com/2016/03/mxmo-cvii-bahia-cocktail.html

Tiare said…
Hi Dagreb! this theme suits me so well....
Here is my post - http://www.amountainofcrushedice.com/?p=23451
Thanks for hosting!
Nick Rose said…
Haha thank's for keeping it interesting Dagreb!

Here it is! http://theboozebaron.com/mixology-monday-107

Cheers for hosting!
Ian Lauer said…
Hiya, Dagreb! Great theme, and thanks for hosting. My entry is below (it ain't Tiki -- it features high-proof bourbon and a funky syrup, instead):


Anonymous said…
Thanks for hosting! Here's our entry for this month: http://wp.me/p2Kswh-cUo
Unknown said…
Thanks for hosting! Here is our contribution: http://wp.me/p6rob8-H8
Andrea said…
A great challenge - I finished at the last possible minute

Thanks for hosting another great Mixology Monday.
My contribution is opinionated as always:

Looking forward to a great roundup!

Kafka Latte said…
Thanks for hosting! Cheers!
Adam said…
Here's my submission, just under the wire. Thanks for helping me rationalize yet another whiskey purchase!
Mindtron said…
just made it. thanks for hosting

Unknown said…
Thanks for hosting! Technically a few minutes late, though. Hmm.


Zum Wohle!

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