Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well actually, it's a grill. Anyway... It died a firey death on the weekend. Just before the family get together too! So the BBQ becaome an oven roast. Oh well, everyone seemd to enjoy it..

I got to thinking though...There's nothing wrong with the casting. So it occurred to me to remove the propane tank and take out the ceramic briquettes and buy some charcoal. Amazing! If only everything in life were so easy to remedy.

So we were able to grill burgers tonight. Dinner was tasty, yum!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Heck Of A Deal..

More gardening today. We're getting there, mulch hides a multitude of sins. Anyway, all this weeding and whatnot requires garden waste bags. We bought paper ones. I'm sure you know the ones I mean. We bought them at the grocery store, partly because we could and partly because the packages seemed more generous than those at the home improvement and hardware stores. I hadn't thought much about it, until we used all of our mulch. Out we went to get more mulch, from the garden centre at the grocery store. After buying the mulch we went in to buy groceries. Again we saw the yard waste bags. Which we were not in need of. We had a look at them, the bundles seemed rather small....

We figured out what had happened. When we bought them they were still bundled for shipping, the plastic strapping hadn't been removed. So, we got 50 bags for the price of 5. Wow! I wonder how many others had the same good fortune. I wonder how much money the store lost. I wonder if someone was reprimanded.....

Well, it makes up for full price mulch when the garden centre is almost closed for the season.....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Construction Zone

This time of year it's nearly unavoidable. Construction that is. Construction on the way to work, construction on the way home, construction on the way to nearly everywhere. And construction at home. Almost.

Our street is not immune to construction and it is dug-up. One house away from us it starts. It has turned our normally busy through street into a dead end, or cul-de-sac or whatever. Despite this fact, and the many signs informing people about it, drivers still hope that closed doesn't mean closed. There is a sign two lighted intersections away telling people about the closure. Actually, there are two signs there. One wooden one in the intersection and an electronic billboard type on the side of the road. There is also a wooden sign at the intersection closest to us. A sign and a barricade. The lane towards the construction is blocked, the lane away from it is not. So going out from home is normal, coming home requires a little deke in the intersection. Anyway..... There is one more sign after that. (Today, Saturday, the sign is down. Perhaps the construction crew felt dirt and heavy machinery was as good as a sign) The final sign says "road closed" and has a do not enter symbol on it. Despite all of this some drivers still think they can get through. Well it's just not true. YOU CANNA GEA THROU!

They have driven past the signs, past the barricade, up to the final sign (sometimes) and there they sit. And they sit. And they sit. Sometimes they scratch their heads, sometimes they peer past the sign and up the street. (Literally up, there's a hill.) And they sit some more. Then they turn around, slowly. Always slowly, and drive away looking confused. Now, if it said "bridge out" and they still did all that, I'd be concerned, maybe. Have you met people? This behaviour isn't that odd after all.....