Friday, May 23, 2008

And Behind Door Number Three.....


Quite exciting. It's nice to be driving a vehicle I'm actually enthusiastic about. I like driving it, I even like just looking at it. Much better than crossing my fingers when turning the ignition. Much better than not even caring to wash it. Much better than parts falling off!

Ahhh.... We'll see hw long the honeymoon lasts, I think it'll be awhile though.

Oh, just one more thing...

It looks like this. Only in silver.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Day With Our First Car

I cleaned out the car this evening. Cleaned out personal things, it's still dirty. Tomorrow it goes to the dealership as a trade-in. Exciting. But I must digress.

You remember the car, right? The Car. The one with the noises, the one with it's eye on the bank account. That one. Today was our last day with it. I cleaned our stuff out of it. Mostly garbage (gum wrappers and whatnot) Some CDs, some other stuff. It occurred to me that things get caught in the seats. Things get caught especially on the back seat after it has been folded down. So I reached in. Some garbage I found. A receipt. A screwdriver. Then something I couldn't identify. It turned out to be a CD sans case. A CD whose whereabouts I've pondered for over a year. I've been looking for it since before we moved, since before the car started needing money, even! All this time it's been in the backseat. No, really in the backseat. I have it once again. I don't think it will play, ever.

I took a picture of the CD. That's a difficult thing to do. Taking a photo of a scratch on a mirror. Very difficult. I realized that there are some easy photos we don't have. We have none of the car. Maybe I'll take one tomorrow, on it's last day with us.....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tulips & Toilets


So, it turns out we do have tulips. Yellow ones. Mostly in the backyard though........
There are also two kinds of purple flowers. One of which is violet, or so I've been told. As recommmended we are waiting to see what all comes up and leaving the planting until next season.


Our toilet has been leaking from the tank. Down one of the bolts. It turns out that we were shorted two rubber washers when we purchased it. So, one Master Plumber brand package of bolts, nuts, and washers later and no more leak! There was one mishap though.......

The package of bolts was a sealed plastic pouch which was inside a zip top plastic bag. In me zeal to open the pouch I ended up with nuts and bolts everywhere! Actually, not "everywhere" per se. All the parts but two stayed on the counter. Amazing! One wing nut and one washer ended up inside the (drained) toilet tank. Nothing down the drain, nothing on the floor, nothing in my eye! Excellent. Hopefully this will be the last toilet repair I am required to make for some time. We'll see....