Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogs Are What Happen When You're Busy Making Other Plans.

When you've nothing to blog about direct you readers to other blogs. I believe this is part of Doug's Rule2. Check out The Speakista and realise that we all neglect things once in a while. Then go to 12bottle bar for some introspection and to cry in your drink over the fact that your blog will never look as good, your photos never be as well lit, you prose never as thoroughly researched. But your drinks will be just as tasty!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Curling Story

So, I said I'd tell you a story didn't I? Let's see.....

I had a bottle of Bacardi® that I was going to pour down the sink. The missus suggested making spiced rum. I was skeptical. But, even though the DJ cautions us that "Infusing doesn't make crappy rum taste better, so pick a good rum." I did it anyway. The first taste test was very citrus forward. I removed the Meyer lemon peel and added more spices. The second tasting still had a lot of citrus so I added more orange peel and figured I'd have a nice replacement for my (now empty) bottle of Triple Sec.

Meanwhile the city was slowly being overrun by curlers. The Brier was on! At least it was about to be on....

We (the missus and me) had been drinking quite a bit of tea from David's Tea. In particular the Coco Chai Rooibos. "You should make a syrup out of this." she said to me. So I did!

I combined the rum with the syrup and some lemon and had a tasty beverage. A few days later I was chatting in the mixo bar and was informed that the theme was citrus. I already had a drink, excellent!

Anyway, I wasn't going to be anywhere near a PC that particular Thursday so I asked Sean Mike about sending in a recipe by proxy. This is what I did. The truncation necessary for tweeting sort of made the curling jokes less funny. Oh well. (I'm not sure if Sean Mike or anyone else in the chat got the jokes anyway...)

So, why an Indian Broom? At first I was trying to work in the rooibos in a scientific way. I though about "shrub" being in the name but since there's no vinegar in the drink I figured that wouldn't do. Checking wikipedia I discovered that Rooibos is a broom. A broom you say? Hmmm...

Instead of trying to force some sort of India-S. Africa-Caribbean name I decided to go in another direction. Rooibos is a broom. You can't curl without a broom. The chai is from India. The rum is from the West Indies. Hmmm...

My original mixing directions included some puns. They'll make more sense if you read this. They won't be funny, they'll just make more sense.

The directions were:

Shake in the 7th. Pour in the house a tankard . Serve on the rocks. Garnish with a peel.

Get it? No? That's okay...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Ten Things To Do With Infused Rum

DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual "Top Ten" list

So, I was going to link the snot out of my previous post. I still plan to do this, but I wanted to get a recipe out of the way first. I've also been considering format and titling. Should I just put the drink name in the post title? Should I give the story before or after the recipe? Does it need a photo? Do I write a long amusing story or is simpler better? Who knows? The CSWOG knows!

Anyway, here it is:

Indian Broom

Indian Broom

1.5oz citrus spiced rum
0.5oz rooibos coco chai syrup
0.5oz lemon juice

Shake, rocks, peel.

I think I spent longer on the name than I did on the drink. It's okay. It may need tweaking. The syrup didn't turn out as I'd hoped so maybe syrupping properly is all that's needed. (that's right I used syrup as a verb). My rum was going to be spiced rum but the citrus peels overtook the other flavours. I added more orange and decided I didn't need to replace my Triple Sec.

So about the name....

I had curling on the brain. I'll expand on that later. I'll tell you about that and the Lemon Party.

The name, the party, and some other stuff...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The card-reader is still packed away somewhere. This has stalled my current Flickr project. It continues but all the photos remain trapped on the card in the camera. Trapped for the time being anyway. Some of the photos are of cocktails. I'm hesitant to post recipes without photos. Does this really matter though? Likely it does not. While some books do have photos (and quite good ones at that) most cocktail books have few if any photos. Some have none but have drawings. So with that in mind perhaps it's time to post about some original recipes...


We'll see.

How's this: I'm post my recipes with place-holders for photos after I "Rule2" this post? Deal?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paperback Writer?

This morning on CBC Radio 2 Bob Mackowycz played The Beatles Paperback Writer. He then went on to point out how at the time hardcover books were seen to be superior and whatnot. He searched for a modern example of a 60's paperback and came up with Blog Writer. I think that's not quite it. Nice try though Bob. We still love you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

i REALLY like pickled onions.

So there I was wondering what to do with all those cocktail onions in the fridge. What to do besides put them in a Gibson or eat them. It seems my penchant for Gibsons is really just an excuse to eat onions. Should I drop the pretense and have a different drink? A different drink whilst eating onions? Perhaps. Just eat the onions and leave out the drink? Perhaps.

It occurred to me that there must be other drinks requiring an onion as garnish. Damned if I knew what they were. Damned if I didn't do any research whatsoever to find out what they were. Mostly it was an idle thought each time I ate a pickled onion. (Or each time I made a Gibson). On the proverbial back-burner those thoughts remained. They remained until Erik got down to "TEN!".

Behold The Yellow Rattler. It seems like a dare doesn't it?

"Shake in iced cocktail shaker & strain
    3/4 oz gin
    3/4 oz sweet vermouth
    3/4 oz dry vermouth
    3/4 oz orange juice

Add onion

Serve in a cocktail glass (4.5 oz)"

"(U)nless you REALLY like pickled onions, its not one of those things that you’re probably going to be making any time soon." blogged Erik.

"I like pickled onions," I thought to myself. "I REALLY like them..."

So from the back-burner to the front-burner came the Yellow Rattler. I did not however make note of the proportions. I did remember the comment that it's basically a Bronx with an onion in it. One night I made a Bronx, and put an onion in it. I used the recipe from American Bar. It was enjoyable. I'm a fan of orange and wine and onion. There's a pork loin recipe we make that uses garlic, onion, orange juice, hoisin sauce and white wine so the flavour wasn't anything I found unpleasant. Still it's definitely not a dessert cocktail or any such thing.

A few days later (more or less) I reviewed the proportions. Much to my delight it's an equal measure cocktail.

"Fantastic. I only need to dirty one jigger"

So I made one. I liked it too! My previous experience with orange juice in (short dry) cocktails has left me unimpressed. The Monkey Gland and Satan's Whiskers aren't likely to be made by me. A Coronado Luau Special or a Scorpion on the other hand....

The only complaint was that I didn't really notice the gin in the Yellow Rattler. I've been using Cara Cara oranges. I should review the recipe with Valencias or such. I also have attempted Old Tom Gin. I noticed the gin more in that version than in previous ones. Hmm. Not sure why that is. Maybe Beefeater isn't ideal in Bronx style cocktails? Maybe it is the oranges? Who can say?

Okay, now on to the real reason for this post. Reviewing the 10 recipes at Cocktaildb that feature onion as garnish I wondered about The Martinez. Why? I don't know. I just did. So I surfed on over to Kaiser Penguin to read the recipe comparisons. Reading through the comments I stopped at one from Rowen. The name seemed familiar....

"Oh, right." says I,"He commented where I did. On Spirited Remix."

Anyway... I discovered at The Fogged In Lounge that Rowen has turned March into the month of Bronx cocktails. Theme month? Excellent! A month of the same drink (style)? Excellent! Someone drinking so I don't have to? Excellent Typical. I mean that's the point of a booze-blog, right?

So maybe, just maybe I'll play along at home with the Bronx varitaions. Well, some of them anyway (not the Silver or Golden. Likely the ones with bitters). You should try it too! If you like that sort of thing...

Or just eat some onions.


Friday, March 04, 2011

TDN Charlie Sheen

Uh... You know about the TDN right? Anyway, this week's theme (courtesy of Sean Mike) was Charlie Sheen. No amount of description can properly convey what it was like. The combination of cocktail creating drinking, Charlie Sheen quotes and general ridiculousness can't be recreated, or even accurately described. You had to be there. You should be there! Really, next week, see you there! (But first, login right now and start chatting.)

So after several drink recipes and several more jokes it was my turn. This is what I came up with:

(insert photo here)
Tiger Blood #4

1.5oz Fernet Branca
1.5oz grapefruit juice
0.25oz cinnamon syrup

Shake. Cure your mind. Strain through your fingertips in to a glass made of poetry.

Check out the other drinks and some joke/quote tweets. Then maybe try the drinks, or something.