The card-reader is still packed away somewhere. This has stalled my current Flickr project. It continues but all the photos remain trapped on the card in the camera. Trapped for the time being anyway. Some of the photos are of cocktails. I'm hesitant to post recipes without photos. Does this really matter though? Likely it does not. While some books do have photos (and quite good ones at that) most cocktail books have few if any photos. Some have none but have drawings. So with that in mind perhaps it's time to post about some original recipes...


We'll see.

How's this: I'm post my recipes with place-holders for photos after I "Rule2" this post? Deal?


Doug Winship said…
Photos are your best tool in employing Rule *1*. Liqurious, TasteSpotting, and FoodGawker are your friends... IF you have good pix.
I would say that pictures offer a more immediate feel for what the drink actually is, but if a recipe looks truly interesting to me, I'd try it anyway.

I'm interested in hearing some of your original recipes!

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