Top Ten Things To Do With Infused Rum

DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual "Top Ten" list

So, I was going to link the snot out of my previous post. I still plan to do this, but I wanted to get a recipe out of the way first. I've also been considering format and titling. Should I just put the drink name in the post title? Should I give the story before or after the recipe? Does it need a photo? Do I write a long amusing story or is simpler better? Who knows? The CSWOG knows!

Anyway, here it is:

Indian Broom

Indian Broom

1.5oz citrus spiced rum
0.5oz rooibos coco chai syrup
0.5oz lemon juice

Shake, rocks, peel.

I think I spent longer on the name than I did on the drink. It's okay. It may need tweaking. The syrup didn't turn out as I'd hoped so maybe syrupping properly is all that's needed. (that's right I used syrup as a verb). My rum was going to be spiced rum but the citrus peels overtook the other flavours. I added more orange and decided I didn't need to replace my Triple Sec.

So about the name....

I had curling on the brain. I'll expand on that later. I'll tell you about that and the Lemon Party.

The name, the party, and some other stuff...



I bet you didn't expect me to make this, did you?!

My latest spiced rum is citrus forward too. The recipe I used is below.

Believe it or not, I had some of my rooibos syrup lying around, though it wasn't coco chai flavored.

So I made the damn drink. I have to say, it's pretty good. There's a lot of vanilla going on, because of the rooibos and the rum. It all melds together into a very pleasant acidic yet warm rum drink. I have a feeling it'd be a lot more interesting if I had used your rooibos syrup.

spiced rum:

Very nice!!
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I guess I'm a bona fide booze-blogger now aren't I? -blush-

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