Friday, January 23, 2009

Nearly T-Boned

Well not really. But it could have happened. As we were making a right turn into our driveway. (Is it more correctly "turn in to"? One goes into a house, but do you really go into a driveway?) Anyway....
We live on the north side of our street. We work in the east part of the city. We travel west to get home. So, we make a right turn when we get home. There is only one wetsbound lane in front of our house. There are two westbound lanes further east. The road is still wide enough for two vehicles (barely) just before our driveway. Rest assured dear reader that there is only one lane. There is one lane and it is also not possible to pull into the driveway when one's vehicle is close to the curb. One must be closer to the centre line. This is especially true in the winter. Not only is there much snow piled up on the boolavard, there is much snow piled up on the street just before our driveway. This is caused by the plow. The plow also truncates the aperature at the end of our driveway. So, in the winter you must make an even wider right turn to get into our driveway. Tonight I made such a turn. I had my right turn signal on in plenty of time, I was also braking. Two good signs a vehicle is about to make a right turn. For some reason the driver behind my tried to pass me. On the right! Really. Along the curb/snow-mound where there is no longer a lane, nor has there been one for nearly 100ft, he/she tried to pass. Whilst I was slowing down, about to turn, signalling that I was about to turn, about to turn into the path of this vehicle, whilst all of that was happening he/she tried to pass me. Honestly! Who throws a shoe? If ever there is a collision at the end of my driveway I imagine it will be difficult to bite my tongue. I don't think I've ever publicly berated anyone, but there's a first time for everything.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mo' Better Laksa

we went
To the other location of our favourite
VietThai restaurant
It was much better
Been an
Off Night
at the other pla

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Pho-gettable Meal

So, last night we dined at our favourite Viet-Thai restaurant. It was disappointing. I'm not sure what has happened in the kitchen, but it just wasn't' as good as usual. Maybe our expectations were too high. Maybe we were thrown off by the new ordering procedure. Maybe it was the fact that our tea (which usually is brought to the table just after you sit down) didn't arrive until our food was on the table. Hopefully it was just an off night.

The new ordering procedure will take some getting used to. In the past you wrote down the item number of the dish you wanted (all items in the menu have a number*) on an order form that was provided with the menus. Then, once you had filled out the form and closed your menus a server would come and pick up the form, read back to you the names of the items that had been ordered (prompted only by the item numbers) and Bob's your uncle. Now you just order like in any other restaurant. Oh well.

*for example, non deep fried bbq pork rolls are item 504