A Pho-gettable Meal

So, last night we dined at our favourite Viet-Thai restaurant. It was disappointing. I'm not sure what has happened in the kitchen, but it just wasn't' as good as usual. Maybe our expectations were too high. Maybe we were thrown off by the new ordering procedure. Maybe it was the fact that our tea (which usually is brought to the table just after you sit down) didn't arrive until our food was on the table. Hopefully it was just an off night.

The new ordering procedure will take some getting used to. In the past you wrote down the item number of the dish you wanted (all items in the menu have a number*) on an order form that was provided with the menus. Then, once you had filled out the form and closed your menus a server would come and pick up the form, read back to you the names of the items that had been ordered (prompted only by the item numbers) and Bob's your uncle. Now you just order like in any other restaurant. Oh well.

*for example, non deep fried bbq pork rolls are item 504


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