Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daiquiri- Federal Glass Shaker Recipe

After a hiatus we arrive at the Daiquiri.  For the rum I have diluted some Brugal 151.  This may have been a bad idea.  We'll see....
Daiquiri Shaker

Here's the recipe:

juice of 1/2 a lime
1/2 tsp sugar
1.5oz light rum
shake with fine ice
cocktail glass

I ended up with a little more than 0.5oz of juice from the lime.  I shook with regular ice, not fine.  The last "ingredient" is an interesting one and the only one of it's kind on the shaker.  I suppose the makers of this needed to add something.  It's such a simple recipe and has no garnish they decided to fill the fifth cell with "cocktail glass."  What would you have done?

Man, is this sour!  Yum! 

My diluted Brugal 151 ended up being about 50%Alc/Vol. and was much more palatable straight than the Bacardi had been.  (Let's say that that was a bad bottle and leave it at that). So it turns out that there's light rum in the house after all. There are also possibilities for Daiquiri experimentation as the LCBO is now listing Maraschino...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ponce

You know, not many people use the word ponce.  I heard it yesterday though and it got me thinking... 

The Ponce
12oz El Dorado 3
8oz Aperol
4oz lime juice
shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, strain, up

Not really an original.  I just took Sean Mike's Poofter and multiplied everything by eight.  Enjoy!

Comments welcome.


Monday, April 04, 2011

MxMo LVI: Your Best

Fizz? Or Is That A Buck?

As I mentioned, I was afraid that my best wouldn't do. Then I realised that what I consider a non-alcoholic drink is in fact a highball. A highball I make and tweak often. There's alcohol in them thar bitters!

Anyway, the drink first. The story second. Actually something else first.

(I thought first of some other drinks but I haven't perfected the Whatnot tincture so it isn't fair to expect others to make a Rum Whatnot. And my New Year's drink was really just a modified Scorpion...)

The Drink

juice of 1 lime (0.75oz)
0.75oz Orzata*
2-3 dashes celery bitters
13-17 dashes Angostura bitters
5oz Barrit's Ginger Beer**

Combine juice, orzata, celery bitters, and 8-10 dashes of Ango over ice in a shaker. Shake to shuffle time (swinging 12/8). Meanwhile fill a highball glass with ice. Cover the ice in the glass with 3-4 dashes of Angostura. Strain the mixture into the highball. Top with ginger beer. Add 2-3 more dashes of Angostura to colour the fizzy foam.

Empty lime shell.

Fizz, Orzata Buck?***

So, depending on how heavy a hand you have that's about 0.50oz to 0.75oz of bitters in your drink. At 45% Alc/Vol. (more or less) that makes this far from a non-alcoholic beverage. Not the booziest of drinks mind you but still a cocktail. Enjoy.

*Go ahead, you can use orgeat instead.
**If you've not got Barrit's you can sub D&G. Failing that 1/2 Barr's and 1/2 Vernors will give you the ginger and the barrel aging tastes.

The Story

How did I end up here? It all started with being bloated and uncomfortable. I read somewhere that bitters and soda was good for stomach upset. I gave it a go. It was a success. As time went on I started to enjoy my "medicine" and upped the amount of bitters. It got to the point that my drink was fizzy and very red. Almost like Sorrel Fizz.

At some point I was in need of "medicine" and had no club soda. I used ginger ale instead. I found that I enjoyed this new beverage even more than my old one. In fact I added the Bitters Highball to the house cocktail menu. This enjoyment of Angostura carried over to other cocktails. I found myself using far more dashes than most recipes called for. Sort of like how some people put salt on already salty fare**** I suppose. Bitters are the salt & pepper of cocktails don't you know.

Just like the stomach settler things progressed once there was orgeat orzata in the house. At first the suggested refresher of topping the syrup with soda. Then the soda changed to ginger ale, then to ginger beer. Then I got the bright idea to use lime juice too. At some point the "bitters as seasoning" hypothesis had to be tried and above is the recipe I've arrived at. I think that's it. I may have left something out. I'll let this sit for a day before posting just in case.

Just One More Thing

I'd be remiss if I didn't include a link to both Mixology Monday and to Spirited Remix. The event and our host. Perhaps that's two things... And another thing. When I searched for Gioia Orzata I got more results for my blog than for anything else. Hmmm....

***Yes, just like the band Therapy? there's a question mark in the name.
****Just like salty food this drink begets another. Leaving you enough ginger beer after two to swirl in the bottom of the glass and drink the remaining syrup and lime.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Original And Best

This month's Mixology Monday is hosted by DJ Hawaiian Shirt. Instead of just choosing a drink for an occasion or situation or based on an ingredient the theme is "Your Best."


My best? uh oh....

I have visions of Dee Snider shouting singing at me, "If that's your best, your best won't do!"

Let's consider cooking for a moment. Even though I cook (nearly) every day very few of the recipes are mine. Most are from books and such or are slight variations on the same. The ones that are mine are usually my take on a classic (e.g. chicken noodle/rice soup). In fact the one recipe that is completely my own appeared in Food & Drink several months after I had made it. I don't for a moment think that my kitchen was spied upon. I know that certain flavours and techniques make sense together and it's not unusual for similar/same recipes to be developed independently. The same happens with drink recipes.

So what is my drink that I've invented, tinkered with, served to guests, and consider my best?

We'll see.

Can it be a mocktail?