Daiquiri- Federal Glass Shaker Recipe

After a hiatus we arrive at the Daiquiri.  For the rum I have diluted some Brugal 151.  This may have been a bad idea.  We'll see....
Daiquiri Shaker

Here's the recipe:

juice of 1/2 a lime
1/2 tsp sugar
1.5oz light rum
shake with fine ice
cocktail glass

I ended up with a little more than 0.5oz of juice from the lime.  I shook with regular ice, not fine.  The last "ingredient" is an interesting one and the only one of it's kind on the shaker.  I suppose the makers of this needed to add something.  It's such a simple recipe and has no garnish they decided to fill the fifth cell with "cocktail glass."  What would you have done?

Man, is this sour!  Yum! 

My diluted Brugal 151 ended up being about 50%Alc/Vol. and was much more palatable straight than the Bacardi had been.  (Let's say that that was a bad bottle and leave it at that). So it turns out that there's light rum in the house after all. There are also possibilities for Daiquiri experimentation as the LCBO is now listing Maraschino...



Do not tell but i have been making Daiquiris with Cruzan 151-- i don't dilute it... i let the ice do the diluting! It takes a bit of shaking, but doggone that is a tasty drink.
No Brugal 151 EVER... so i envy you. i love toying with over-proof in cocktails (though usually i save those drinks for 'Long Drinks' for obvious reasons.
Doug Winship said…
What would I do? First off, I'd add more sugar!

Second, if you can get the Maraschino, be sure to go Hemingway. And try that one on the rocks for another change up.

"This is the Gospel of Rum."

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