Thursday, October 26, 2006

OLG vs The Fifth Estate

I'm not surprised by the fraud. I'm not surprised by the statistics. I'm not even surprised that the OLG spent nearly twice as much money in legal fees as what they owed to a ripped-off winner. I AM surprised that Theresa Roncon is their PR person. And not a particularly good or prepared one. It's hard to take someone seriously when they used to host the Power Hour. Even now when i see John Roberts on NBC(?) i envision Toronto Rocks: Mid-Week Metal Meltdown!

Why is it that other former VJs are easier to take seriously? Must be the METAL......

Friday, October 20, 2006

Mistaken Identity

So here' s what happened, the other day, at work:

I came back from lunch and was told a specific customer had called and asked for me. When my co-worker (the veep) asked if she could help with anything the response was, "no, I'll call back later." To which the veep thought, "Wow! [that customer] is really taking a shine to [him]!"

So i went back about my business, a little while later the missus called. I went back about my business some more. That particular customer never called back about anything. I thought that was odd. When i got home i discovered what had happened.

Cutes and this customer have the same name. Cutes had called and needed to tell me something, so of course the veep couldn't help with that.

Ahhhh, professional-phone-voices ;)

Monday, October 16, 2006

How Fitting?

As i drove home today (October 16th, 2006) along Veterans Memorial Parkway i passed a bus. A green bus with CANADA on the side and Federal plates. It's destination?


(btw the road was formaerly Airport Road, a rather direct route to the 401)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hockey Hockey Hockey Turkey Hockey Web-Comic

I feel like i'm in some weird bizarro land or time travel thingamajig. Hasek AND Osgood are playing for Detroit? Lagace went to St. Louis? What the hell? No Stevie Y, no Shanny. It's going to be an odd season. On the plus side my PS One hockey now seems more up to date, and also less up to date at the same time. (Pat Verbeek, nuff said).

I'm glad to see The Sabres went back to their old colours. Too bad about the cartoony logo though. It's bad enough in the OHL, Brampton comes to mind, but in the NHL? C'mon!

Speaking of the OHL, Dale Hunter's suspension seemed to do The Knights some good. Or maybe it's the influence of the new coaching staff. Hard to say. If within 2 weeks they start doing the passy-passy-passy-powerplay i think we'll know who the culprit is.

Thanksgiving was a little odd. One branch of the family had another commitment. My brother wasn't there (as he has moved to Van). There wasn't any venison, sausage or otherwise. But it was an enjoyable family get together none the less. There seemed to be little leftovers. I could be mistaken but it seemed like there wasn't as much food as usual. There were fewer of us, maybe that's all....

Speaking of the PS One. What a wonderful way to quietly occupy myself while Cutes is playing on POGO. Maybe i'll win the cup this year.

In other news: I've discovered that an old fiend, i mean friend, is using his powers for good and not evil. Excellent! Come to think of it, no one's using his/her powers for evil......

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Cat

So, after a Vet visit and a bladder ultrasound and results interpreted by the vet, we know:

The cat has a blood clot in his bladder.

I could have told you that. He passed a clot looking thing and then some blood and then urine mixed with blood. However, the ultrasound was precautionary. It could be something else. I doubt it. But we're keeping our fingers crossed.

The Car

Today the car made no unusual noises. May have been lubricated from all the rain. who knows.

The Job

It will be slow tomorrow. Some customers closed. Friday before a long weekend, you get the idea. I'm getting the hang of it. But there is a slight upheavel on the horizon and i'm not sure if we (the company) are properly prepared. Oh well, there's only so much i can do.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oi Vey! Again!

So the cat isn't completely better yet. I will refrain from saying anything further until there is something substantive to report.

I'm no longer dreading going in to work in the mornings. I am far from looking forward to it, however.

Horn Balsting Good Time

If any of you have driven in London, ON you may be familiar with the intersection commonly called "Ham and Eggs". It is the intersectin of Hamilton Road, Egerton Street, and Trafalgar Road. That's right 3 roads! Anyway, there are lights and it's not nearly as confusing as it could be, or so i thought. i was waiting to turn left onto Egerton from Trafalgar, which is much like turning left from Hamilton onto Trafalgar. The difference being that Trafalgar and Hamilton are almost but not quite parallel. So you "pass" Hamilton (if you will) before you get completely through the intersection. So earlier tonight i was waiting to turn and there was one car ahead of me also waiting to turn. Light turns green, car starts to move, i start to move, car ahead comes to a dead stop. (Unlike most lefts the perpendicular traffic lights are very noticable). Driver must have seen the red light and thought it applied to him. So i lay on the horn, and on, and on, and on. Finally the car moves just as our green light is turning yellow. And what occured to me was this: What colour are the lights when you make a LEFT at any other intersection, dumbass!? The thing is the lights for trafic on Hamilton are also very noticable and also RED! Oh well, At least it wasn't at 5 o'clock.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Cat

The cat has made a remarkable recovery. Actually he was back to normal last Sunday. Completely normal. Mischieviously normal. In-the-way-of-everything normal. Not even afraid of the litterbox. (sometimes a problem with FLUTD). Yay!!

The Car

Finally got around to an oil change, still creaking and moaning though.

The Job

I don't enjoy going in to work as much as i once did. I think it's just a matter of time before that changes. I hope.

Other Stuff

Our ever shrinking "party" last weekend turned out to be 2 friends and the 2 of us. So we went out for Viet-Thia. Yum! Then we played Trivial Pursuit and laughed quite a bit over the poor/misleading wording of most clues. I suppose this week has been rather quiet. Ahhhh...