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I feel like i'm in some weird bizarro land or time travel thingamajig. Hasek AND Osgood are playing for Detroit? Lagace went to St. Louis? What the hell? No Stevie Y, no Shanny. It's going to be an odd season. On the plus side my PS One hockey now seems more up to date, and also less up to date at the same time. (Pat Verbeek, nuff said).

I'm glad to see The Sabres went back to their old colours. Too bad about the cartoony logo though. It's bad enough in the OHL, Brampton comes to mind, but in the NHL? C'mon!

Speaking of the OHL, Dale Hunter's suspension seemed to do The Knights some good. Or maybe it's the influence of the new coaching staff. Hard to say. If within 2 weeks they start doing the passy-passy-passy-powerplay i think we'll know who the culprit is.

Thanksgiving was a little odd. One branch of the family had another commitment. My brother wasn't there (as he has moved to Van). There wasn't any venison, sausage or otherwise. But it was an enjoyable family get together none the less. There seemed to be little leftovers. I could be mistaken but it seemed like there wasn't as much food as usual. There were fewer of us, maybe that's all....

Speaking of the PS One. What a wonderful way to quietly occupy myself while Cutes is playing on POGO. Maybe i'll win the cup this year.

In other news: I've discovered that an old fiend, i mean friend, is using his powers for good and not evil. Excellent! Come to think of it, no one's using his/her powers for evil......


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