The Cat

The cat has made a remarkable recovery. Actually he was back to normal last Sunday. Completely normal. Mischieviously normal. In-the-way-of-everything normal. Not even afraid of the litterbox. (sometimes a problem with FLUTD). Yay!!

The Car

Finally got around to an oil change, still creaking and moaning though.

The Job

I don't enjoy going in to work as much as i once did. I think it's just a matter of time before that changes. I hope.

Other Stuff

Our ever shrinking "party" last weekend turned out to be 2 friends and the 2 of us. So we went out for Viet-Thia. Yum! Then we played Trivial Pursuit and laughed quite a bit over the poor/misleading wording of most clues. I suppose this week has been rather quiet. Ahhhh...


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