Oi Vey! Again!

So the cat isn't completely better yet. I will refrain from saying anything further until there is something substantive to report.

I'm no longer dreading going in to work in the mornings. I am far from looking forward to it, however.

Horn Balsting Good Time

If any of you have driven in London, ON you may be familiar with the intersection commonly called "Ham and Eggs". It is the intersectin of Hamilton Road, Egerton Street, and Trafalgar Road. That's right 3 roads! Anyway, there are lights and it's not nearly as confusing as it could be, or so i thought. i was waiting to turn left onto Egerton from Trafalgar, which is much like turning left from Hamilton onto Trafalgar. The difference being that Trafalgar and Hamilton are almost but not quite parallel. So you "pass" Hamilton (if you will) before you get completely through the intersection. So earlier tonight i was waiting to turn and there was one car ahead of me also waiting to turn. Light turns green, car starts to move, i start to move, car ahead comes to a dead stop. (Unlike most lefts the perpendicular traffic lights are very noticable). Driver must have seen the red light and thought it applied to him. So i lay on the horn, and on, and on, and on. Finally the car moves just as our green light is turning yellow. And what occured to me was this: What colour are the lights when you make a LEFT at any other intersection, dumbass!? The thing is the lights for trafic on Hamilton are also very noticable and also RED! Oh well, At least it wasn't at 5 o'clock.


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