Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Must've been the coffee...

So.... This morning we baked some cookies. They're not the best. They remain "cooling" on the counter. Then I brewed some coffee. For lunch I baked a lasagna. All was well. This evening I went out to get some groceries. When I came home the house had a familiar scent. The odours from the baking and brewing had combined to make the house smell like a Church Hall. How odd. For a moment I expected to see an out-of-tune piano up against one wall, ;-)

What can I make the house smell like next?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wha Wha

So, I fixed the wah. I bought a new pot and (poorly) soldered it in. Sounds good. Better than when I first got it even! (It was second hand...)

Anyway, the cat still doesn't like it. As I was playing he started meowing incessantly and was pawing at my hand so that I would pet him instead of play. However, as soon as I switched it off he sat silently at my feet while I played guitar. Odd.

Oh well.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grocery Cart

Last night whilst grocery shopping we had possibly the worst cart ever. It spun in a circle quite well, it went straight reasonably well, but it had virtually no turning ability! I don't think words can actually describe it's inadequacies. Oh well, I guess you had to be there...

Monday, October 20, 2008


I've never quite understood the difference between volts, watts and amps. Mostly because I've forgotten anything I learned in grade 5 science and because I've never sought out the information. I did now that one of them was the other two multiplied, I just didn't know which. After looking it up I still didn't get it....Until:

I discovered this animation!

I get it now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tabasco Calendar

There's an old joke (or maybe expression) about being able to tell how long a couple has been married by how many bottles of Tabasco they've been through. I can't find any exact numbers though. The implication is that most folks use very little Tabasco and so if they are on their 3rd bottle or something they've been married a very long time. I think it's a little outdated but it probably holds true for quite a number of people.


I bought Tabasco today. I think it's bottle #7 for us. The newest bottle, like several before, is the club-store size. Not the grocery store size. I guess we've been married about 180 years according to the Tabasco calender.


Take A Good Look At My Face....

I heard Tracks Of My Tears twice yesterday. First in a boutique the Smokey Robinson version was playing, later at a boutique-y grocery store a Muzak version was playing. Weird, I guess.

Anyway, as we were walking in to our favourite Viet-Thai restaurant for lunch, I held the door for our party and for the people leaving. A couple with a baby and a fellow with takeout emerged. It turned out they were all together. The fellow looked familiar. He looked like an old friend from college. (Back when they called me Groovy and they called him Gyro). It turned out it was him! He seemed very surprised to see me. We did a little catching up but did not exchange numbers or anything. I thought maybe we should have, but it occurred to me later: I have a difficult enough time getting together with the people I have kept in touch with. How likely are we to actually get together? I guess we'll never know....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Happened Today....

I am quite certain that the abscence of cars parked in the parrallel spots does not make that part of the street a lane. Despite what some drivers behind me seemed to think......

Anyway, Cutes had to work late. She missed dinner. So we had some take out from Ben Thanh. And whom did I see there having dinner (while I waited to pick up our order)?
Danko Jones!

Whilst Cutes was at work I played some guitar at home. I had tried to fix my wah pedal. The pot is scratchy, so tried to oil it. Alas, the pot is sealed and the oil did not penetrate. So scratchy still is the wah. The cat was quite concerned while I was testing it out. I think he thought there was a cat trapped in my amplifier. It was amusing to play as he meowed at the amp and pawed at it. As soon as I turned off the wah he was no longer concerned. Maybe I should call it a meow pedal.......

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Colours

This year the leaves are very pretty. Last year they were green one day and on the ground the next. The maples seem to be exceptionally nice this year. Multi-hued trees of golden fire. It made the drive on the 402 actually scenic for a change! Who knew? Not me that's for sure....

It's looking like we will some fall red in the house of commons too. (If the early results are any indication). It is earlhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gify though....

Website To Visit

If you ever need to know what time it is visit the USNO Master Clock

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Said I Would...

So I said I would write about some things....

A couple of weeks ago now, out we went for dinner. As we usually do, when all dolled up, we matched. Cutes was in a black and white dress. So I put on my suit and wore a black tie over a grey/silver shirt. Initially I was just going to go with pants and a shirt. But I didn't really like the look, so I put on a tie, and then grabbed my suit jacket. All the while grooving to The Clash, then I put on my black and white Doc Marten wingtips. Anyway, out we went for dinner. As we were awaiting our desert another diner stopped to voice his approval of my "rude boy" look. Two tone shoes, three button suit, etc. It was a little unusual and uncomfortable. I refrained from commenting on his rockabilly-ness. Weird.

There was a story about work!? I don't know. Might be about the promotion....

Story about a golf tournament? I will tell another time. I don't think I can do it justice tonight.

This past weekend we went to Jazz In The Village in Sarnia . We had a good time, Peter Appleyard was very entertaining. And very spry for an 80 year old. Then we went to Michigan. Shopping, shopping, shopping. At least that was the plan. We did some shopping but nothing much to report. The hotel was pretty cool though.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've Got Stories To Tell

...but I haven't got the time to tell them tonight. The first story is about my clothes. Another story is about work. Another story is about a golf tournament. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm glad that's not my driveway

I understand the need to park construction vehicles. I'm just glad this isn't at the end of my driveway....

(click on the photo to get the full effect)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Remember 45's?

So, a few years ago the record industry seemed to be at an impasse. CD sales were leveling off or dropping, CD prices were rising or at least staying the same, many music reviewers and listeners complained of CDs with only one or two good tracks and a lot of filler.

"The industry needs to go back to the single" I thought to myself.

I think it's been acheived. I think with dowloading we've gone back to the days of the 45. You like song X by so-and-so, you buy song X. You don't buy the rest of their songs. Of course this only applies if you actually buy songs. If you get them for free, well.....

If you care about copyright and royalties and sound quality you'll pay for music. If you really care about sound quality you probably won't download, (you'll buy CDs) or you will download and will complain and/or debate the quality.


...the "record industry" is really a 20th century phenomenon and continues to evolve and all that jazz. But I wonder if the days of the album are over......

Probably not.

Just like most commodities, you save money by buying in bulk.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well actually, it's a grill. Anyway... It died a firey death on the weekend. Just before the family get together too! So the BBQ becaome an oven roast. Oh well, everyone seemd to enjoy it..

I got to thinking though...There's nothing wrong with the casting. So it occurred to me to remove the propane tank and take out the ceramic briquettes and buy some charcoal. Amazing! If only everything in life were so easy to remedy.

So we were able to grill burgers tonight. Dinner was tasty, yum!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Heck Of A Deal..

More gardening today. We're getting there, mulch hides a multitude of sins. Anyway, all this weeding and whatnot requires garden waste bags. We bought paper ones. I'm sure you know the ones I mean. We bought them at the grocery store, partly because we could and partly because the packages seemed more generous than those at the home improvement and hardware stores. I hadn't thought much about it, until we used all of our mulch. Out we went to get more mulch, from the garden centre at the grocery store. After buying the mulch we went in to buy groceries. Again we saw the yard waste bags. Which we were not in need of. We had a look at them, the bundles seemed rather small....

We figured out what had happened. When we bought them they were still bundled for shipping, the plastic strapping hadn't been removed. So, we got 50 bags for the price of 5. Wow! I wonder how many others had the same good fortune. I wonder how much money the store lost. I wonder if someone was reprimanded.....

Well, it makes up for full price mulch when the garden centre is almost closed for the season.....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Construction Zone

This time of year it's nearly unavoidable. Construction that is. Construction on the way to work, construction on the way home, construction on the way to nearly everywhere. And construction at home. Almost.

Our street is not immune to construction and it is dug-up. One house away from us it starts. It has turned our normally busy through street into a dead end, or cul-de-sac or whatever. Despite this fact, and the many signs informing people about it, drivers still hope that closed doesn't mean closed. There is a sign two lighted intersections away telling people about the closure. Actually, there are two signs there. One wooden one in the intersection and an electronic billboard type on the side of the road. There is also a wooden sign at the intersection closest to us. A sign and a barricade. The lane towards the construction is blocked, the lane away from it is not. So going out from home is normal, coming home requires a little deke in the intersection. Anyway..... There is one more sign after that. (Today, Saturday, the sign is down. Perhaps the construction crew felt dirt and heavy machinery was as good as a sign) The final sign says "road closed" and has a do not enter symbol on it. Despite all of this some drivers still think they can get through. Well it's just not true. YOU CANNA GEA THROU!

They have driven past the signs, past the barricade, up to the final sign (sometimes) and there they sit. And they sit. And they sit. Sometimes they scratch their heads, sometimes they peer past the sign and up the street. (Literally up, there's a hill.) And they sit some more. Then they turn around, slowly. Always slowly, and drive away looking confused. Now, if it said "bridge out" and they still did all that, I'd be concerned, maybe. Have you met people? This behaviour isn't that odd after all.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Something You Don't See Everyday...

....or ever before!

On the drive home I saw a busker. Nothing too odd about that. Don't usually see anyone busking on our route, but still not that odd. Scruffy college type. The odd thing was the instrument he was playing...

The recorder! That's right everyone's favourite elementary school out of tune torture. He was actually playing it reasonably well. The tune was Yellow Submarine. Interesting.... instead of an open guitar case for money, he had a sweater or jacket on the ground. Someone had given him an apple, I didn't notice any money. We joked that people were donating whatever groceries they could spare. I guess that's what you get for busking outside a Valu-Mart.


Busking with a recorder, what's next?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nearly A Month Between Blogs....

So, let me see....
Finally got the Fuzz Face rehoused. Not painted yet. Need to post before and after pics. Finally got my old guitar repaired, electronically. I'd forgotten how loud it is! And how much fun it is to play, I'll need to upload pics. Things are blooming away in the backyard, maybe a little too much. I'll need to post pics. It all keeps churning away at work, need to blog about it, I guess. ...........

There was a knock at the door. Check it out:


Friday, May 23, 2008

And Behind Door Number Three.....


Quite exciting. It's nice to be driving a vehicle I'm actually enthusiastic about. I like driving it, I even like just looking at it. Much better than crossing my fingers when turning the ignition. Much better than not even caring to wash it. Much better than parts falling off!

Ahhh.... We'll see hw long the honeymoon lasts, I think it'll be awhile though.

Oh, just one more thing...

It looks like this. Only in silver.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Day With Our First Car

I cleaned out the car this evening. Cleaned out personal things, it's still dirty. Tomorrow it goes to the dealership as a trade-in. Exciting. But I must digress.

You remember the car, right? The Car. The one with the noises, the one with it's eye on the bank account. That one. Today was our last day with it. I cleaned our stuff out of it. Mostly garbage (gum wrappers and whatnot) Some CDs, some other stuff. It occurred to me that things get caught in the seats. Things get caught especially on the back seat after it has been folded down. So I reached in. Some garbage I found. A receipt. A screwdriver. Then something I couldn't identify. It turned out to be a CD sans case. A CD whose whereabouts I've pondered for over a year. I've been looking for it since before we moved, since before the car started needing money, even! All this time it's been in the backseat. No, really in the backseat. I have it once again. I don't think it will play, ever.

I took a picture of the CD. That's a difficult thing to do. Taking a photo of a scratch on a mirror. Very difficult. I realized that there are some easy photos we don't have. We have none of the car. Maybe I'll take one tomorrow, on it's last day with us.....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tulips & Toilets


So, it turns out we do have tulips. Yellow ones. Mostly in the backyard though........
There are also two kinds of purple flowers. One of which is violet, or so I've been told. As recommmended we are waiting to see what all comes up and leaving the planting until next season.


Our toilet has been leaking from the tank. Down one of the bolts. It turns out that we were shorted two rubber washers when we purchased it. So, one Master Plumber brand package of bolts, nuts, and washers later and no more leak! There was one mishap though.......

The package of bolts was a sealed plastic pouch which was inside a zip top plastic bag. In me zeal to open the pouch I ended up with nuts and bolts everywhere! Actually, not "everywhere" per se. All the parts but two stayed on the counter. Amazing! One wing nut and one washer ended up inside the (drained) toilet tank. Nothing down the drain, nothing on the floor, nothing in my eye! Excellent. Hopefully this will be the last toilet repair I am required to make for some time. We'll see....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uh, Excuse Me.....

That's a birdbath, not a squirrel fountain.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vietnamese Coffee

Have you ever had Vietnamese coffee? I had it today, for only the second time. Despite the fact that we eat Viet-Thai quite regularly I have only twice had coffee. The first time black, this time with condensed milk. Yum! It took nearly my entire meal to drip through. I had it as a dessert beverage. First I sipped it without stirring. Wonderful, flavourful black coffee. The I stirred it up. Amazing, sweet concoction. I made it last longer by adding some of the provided hot water. (kept hot through the meal in a vacuum flask). It became less intense but perhaps more enjoyable. Each addition of water brought it closer to (North) American style coffee. Until, for the last few sips, it was just like any other after-dinner-cream-and-sugar affair. Just with much more flavour. I'll have to have it again sometime.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Courting Cardinals

It must be spring. A couple of cardinals in the backyard. Other birds in the birdbath too! Not at the same time though.......

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hagelslag & Tulips

Last night I was pondering our front garden. It needs some help. As do the front steps/walkway. We will need new concrete, it's inevitable! So, if we get a new walkway, why not replace the stony retaining "wall" with concrete as well? A better constructed barrier between walkway and garden surely will lead to a better garden. Or at least a less likely to erode garden.

Speaking of the eroding garden, I do not care much for the plants in it. I haven't consulted the rest of the household, but I anticipate that none of the plants are cherished by anyone. So, I was thinking we could plant tulips. Lots and lots of tulips. Of course one needs other plants/flowers as well. Tulips don't last forever! Still though, mostly tulips methinks.

This morning whilst considering what to have for breakfast I opened the cupboard and saw staring back at me a box of sprinkles. Much like this one . So I buttered some bread (sorry, not toast) and had a wonderful chocolatey breakfast. Much like this one. Yum!

Later that same day......

A co-worker was telling me about my house. How he had been in it once as an adolescent. He was on a team with the dutch boy who lived there/here.

"Dutch," I thought to myself,"Hmmm."

So, I think tulips are quite fitting for the garden.
And chocolate is appropriate for breakfast.
And I will keep puns and put-downs to myself.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Knuckles....

(it's a pun!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, after LOVE HATE comes GOOD EVIL?

Monday, March 10, 2008

What Was I Going To Say Again?

I think I should start blogging on my lunch (half)hour. By the time I get online in the evening I have little desire to blog. I also have little desire to cleverly craft sentences. So if i did it while on lunch I might have more enjoyment doing it. My readers might have more enjoyment reading it too!

I did have an idea: varying takes on the "LOVE HATE" across the knuckles thing. My friends
and I once came up with 500+ alternatives to "LOVE HATE." I don't think there were all real winners though.......

I was thinking of writing across my knuckles and posting a pic of it.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Really? It's still winter? Good grief......
Oh well, at least we'll have an hour less of it this weekend

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Why do they call it a "hot water heater?" Isn't it just a water heater? It's kind of like that joke about the tuna fish sandwich.....

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh well

It's a shame when you want a product but are put off by the companies service, or lack thereof. It makes it very easy to go to the competition, and it doesn't take much to be impressed at that point.

Anyway, I cannot accurately judge the driving conditions by looking out at the street. For whatever reason our road is in much better condition than the rest of the city. Far as snow and ice coverage is concerned that is. If i drive around the corner though.... that's more like it!

Should that have been "company's" earlier? Maybe.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I haven't been online much. We bought a Nintendo Wii. So we;ve been Wiiing. Or something like that. It is fun. And we have successfully avoided personal injury and property damage. Yay!

Speaking of things: It's cold today, but strangely even though it was/is very cold. It was still the warmest part of the country today. Weird.

Wha are you gonna do?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old Graffiti

Yesterday I saw some graffiti that is older than I. Older by a year (more or less). It was the good ole sidewalk-initials-graffiti. Complete with some so-and-so plus so-and-so. I found it a little odd that the sidewalk was over thirty years old. It was in very good shape considering. It made me think of defaced picnic tables and whatnot and how eventually they are replaced. Even putting ones name in "stone" doesn't make it last forever. Eventually sidewalks get replaced. I wonder if they get replaced more quickly these days. I don't think I've noticed a thirty-plus sidewalk before. Maybe they don't make sidewalks like they used to.......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Flooded Basement

So, water got in to the basement. Wet carpet and all. Not nearly as bad as some folks got it thought, phew. Had to buy a dehumidifier. Had to buy a wet/dry vac. Did a lot of laundry. Threw out some boxes (but saved the stuff in them). Maybe tomorrow night we can sit in the basement again, sigh.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stay Away From Creeks And Streams

The January Thaw

I have done a perfunctory check and the basement is dry. Phew. There's a lot of water out there. We used to have snow. Now we don't. Just many dangerous slippery places to be.....

The Metal Box

A while ago, -well quite a while ago actually- i sent a metal box to a fellow in th U.S. in exchange for a different metal box. Seems a little odd? The box is used to house an electronic circuit. The circuit is used to alter the sound of an electric guitar. He had made a replica of a well known circuit and was looking for something similar to it's distinctive case. I had a version of the device and had never cared for the case. I offered to trade. One ugly cumbersome (I thought) box for one sleek functional box. Nothing could be simpler, or so we thought. After two rejections by customs and the post office ultimately losing the box he decided to buy a new one and have it shipped to me. Then there was a back order, then the post office found the missing original, then the back order was filled but the person to do the supplemental processing (drilling holes) wasn't available and so on.
Anyway..... the traded for box arrived today. Now i just have to get the circuit i have inside it.... easier said than done indeed. :-)