Stay Away From Creeks And Streams

The January Thaw

I have done a perfunctory check and the basement is dry. Phew. There's a lot of water out there. We used to have snow. Now we don't. Just many dangerous slippery places to be.....

The Metal Box

A while ago, -well quite a while ago actually- i sent a metal box to a fellow in th U.S. in exchange for a different metal box. Seems a little odd? The box is used to house an electronic circuit. The circuit is used to alter the sound of an electric guitar. He had made a replica of a well known circuit and was looking for something similar to it's distinctive case. I had a version of the device and had never cared for the case. I offered to trade. One ugly cumbersome (I thought) box for one sleek functional box. Nothing could be simpler, or so we thought. After two rejections by customs and the post office ultimately losing the box he decided to buy a new one and have it shipped to me. Then there was a back order, then the post office found the missing original, then the back order was filled but the person to do the supplemental processing (drilling holes) wasn't available and so on.
Anyway..... the traded for box arrived today. Now i just have to get the circuit i have inside it.... easier said than done indeed. :-)


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