Hagelslag & Tulips

Last night I was pondering our front garden. It needs some help. As do the front steps/walkway. We will need new concrete, it's inevitable! So, if we get a new walkway, why not replace the stony retaining "wall" with concrete as well? A better constructed barrier between walkway and garden surely will lead to a better garden. Or at least a less likely to erode garden.

Speaking of the eroding garden, I do not care much for the plants in it. I haven't consulted the rest of the household, but I anticipate that none of the plants are cherished by anyone. So, I was thinking we could plant tulips. Lots and lots of tulips. Of course one needs other plants/flowers as well. Tulips don't last forever! Still though, mostly tulips methinks.

This morning whilst considering what to have for breakfast I opened the cupboard and saw staring back at me a box of sprinkles. Much like this one . So I buttered some bread (sorry, not toast) and had a wonderful chocolatey breakfast. Much like this one. Yum!

Later that same day......

A co-worker was telling me about my house. How he had been in it once as an adolescent. He was on a team with the dutch boy who lived there/here.

"Dutch," I thought to myself,"Hmmm."

So, I think tulips are quite fitting for the garden.
And chocolate is appropriate for breakfast.
And I will keep puns and put-downs to myself.



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