Vietnamese Coffee

Have you ever had Vietnamese coffee? I had it today, for only the second time. Despite the fact that we eat Viet-Thai quite regularly I have only twice had coffee. The first time black, this time with condensed milk. Yum! It took nearly my entire meal to drip through. I had it as a dessert beverage. First I sipped it without stirring. Wonderful, flavourful black coffee. The I stirred it up. Amazing, sweet concoction. I made it last longer by adding some of the provided hot water. (kept hot through the meal in a vacuum flask). It became less intense but perhaps more enjoyable. Each addition of water brought it closer to (North) American style coffee. Until, for the last few sips, it was just like any other after-dinner-cream-and-sugar affair. Just with much more flavour. I'll have to have it again sometime.


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