Remember 45's?

So, a few years ago the record industry seemed to be at an impasse. CD sales were leveling off or dropping, CD prices were rising or at least staying the same, many music reviewers and listeners complained of CDs with only one or two good tracks and a lot of filler.

"The industry needs to go back to the single" I thought to myself.

I think it's been acheived. I think with dowloading we've gone back to the days of the 45. You like song X by so-and-so, you buy song X. You don't buy the rest of their songs. Of course this only applies if you actually buy songs. If you get them for free, well.....

If you care about copyright and royalties and sound quality you'll pay for music. If you really care about sound quality you probably won't download, (you'll buy CDs) or you will download and will complain and/or debate the quality.


...the "record industry" is really a 20th century phenomenon and continues to evolve and all that jazz. But I wonder if the days of the album are over......

Probably not.

Just like most commodities, you save money by buying in bulk.



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