Sashimi vs Giant Robots

We went out again for sushi. This time not the prepared-by-apprentice all you can eat. This time the prepared-by-master-on-slow-night regular menu order. It was without doubt the best tasting and best prepared sushi we've ever had. Radishes carved into ladybugs, lemon wheels turned into snails, ginger and cucumber transformed into a rose. That was just the garnish! Little rice and long "tails" on the nigiri, lots of tobiko on the maki, thick (amazingly) delicious sashimi. A wonderful experience all in all.

So we've learned our lesson. Go on a slow night, not on an all-you-can-eat night.

The Car

After the repair things were good. No more loose broken creaking. Yesterday morning a new noise emerged. Dry, tight creaking. Oh bother.....


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