The car must have looked at our bank balance

Ahh, the sun is beginning to peak out from behind the clouds this fine Staurday morn. Always good when the raining happens at night and the sunning happens in the day. (It'd be weird if the sun was at night though..) When i went out to get McBreakfast the car was quiet and handled almost like new. When i drove it away from the shop it handled like new, but it has loosened up a bit. Still a vast improvement over the condition it was in. There had been some noise coming from the front suspension. Creaking, moaning, sproinging and clunking. Mostly the noise happened at slow speeds, over bumbs or while turning (especially while pulling in or out of the driveway). Positively ghastly! Anyway it's all good as new now. We thought we could get away with some lubrication of parts but sadly it was already too late for that and NEW parts were needed. Still cheaper than a new car, however.


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