I Shoulda Know Bettah

It's been a good news/bad news week and it's only Tuesday! Don't worry though the news is all booze related, nothing too serious. 

First the good news:
Dillon's Distillers (http://dillons.ca) has opened their online store! This means I can order small batch spirits and bitters and have them delivered to my door direct from the distillery!! This may be old hat in some jurisdictions but this is a big deal in Ontario! 

Now some bad news:
The other night I broke my Swing-A-Way (style) ice crusher. Not the entire thing but part of the inside which happens to be made of plastic. It still works but is more of a corner-rounder-offer than a crusher. Boo. 

Today I learned that eBay considers Angostura Bitters to be "a bottle of alcohol" and as such I've had my money refunded from an auction I won and I am not the proud owner of a still sealed pre-1992 16oz bottle. Boo-urns. I suppose it is a bottle of alcohol though… sort of like how vanilla extract is a bottle of alcohol or like how a Hungry-Man dinner is a box of salt. Ah well, lesson learned. 

Be well. 


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