Mixology Monday one oh six: Spring Break (Woohoo!)

Once again we find ourselves at the online cocktail party that is Mixology Monday. This time around hosted by Joel at Southern Ash. Spring Break is the theme and that puts me in mind of having a delicious bevvie on a patio. Perhaps even on my own patio!

This winter took a while to arrive and has teased us more than once now that it's leaving. Nevertheless when I look out our bistro set covered in snow I think back to warmer sunnier weather and grapefruit. Who's to say if this spring and summer will follow suit but last year was the year of both the radler and the Paloma. Maybe this year I'll make a Paloma with radler! Anyway, my soda of choice is S.Pellegrino Pompelmo (as recommended by Camper English) and I usually go with the Esquire recipe.

2 oz tequila
0.5 oz lime juice
pinch of salt 
Grapefruit soda

Build as a Collins (or as a Fizz, if you're nasty). 



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