Penguin Month: Entry #9

I had not properly prepared for my deadline of this post so instead I posted some Lorem Ipsum and some descriptions in square brackets. This caused some confusion, I think. I've published the comment it elicited.

When first I read the forthcoming drink recipe I figured it would be similar to a Mai Tai. It is, perhaps drier. Wether you drink it from a straw or sip it from the glass I think might alter the perception of it. Anyway, here it is:

1.5 oz lemon juice
1 oz curaçao
0.75 oz orgeat
1.5 oz light Cuban Rum
1.5 oz Jamaican Rum
3 oz crushed ice

Blend all except Jamaican Rum with crushed ice. Pour into a DOF 2/3 full of crushed ice. Float Jamaican Rum. Garnish with a lime wheel and an orchid.

The original calls for light Puerto Rican rum buy as I'm in Ontario I take that to
mean "use Havana Club." If you're out of orchids you could always, well, stay tuned....



Anonymous said…
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