Mystery Month: Entry #3

I mentioned last time that I'm inadvertently doing something. I'm purposely doing something to: The Mystery! (Post in the comments if you've figured it out.) before we get to the inadvertent thing I need to tell you a little, uh, story.

I imagine most of my readers are like me as have a sizeable home bar. As such making a drink on a whim is no problem whether it be in a book, in a magazine or on a blog. It wasn't always the case for me. When first I waded into the waters of reading booze-blogs I found that most drinks I couldn't make; I simply didn't have all the bottles! There was some frustration. There was some longing. Mostly there was research. A lot of research. This research came in the form of blog (archive) reading and in making notes - mental or otherwise - of recipe sources. I didn't dare join the Mixoloseum chat - not yet - or comment on any blogs but read I did.

What I did not read until mug later was advice on how I properly stock my home bar. I went about it a little backwards. I went completely back wards with amari. I bought Fernet before Campari. I bought Fernet before nearly everything! (Where oh where from could such a ridiculous idea have come?) If you want good advice about stocking a bar I could point to a few places or you could just make all the drinks I'm posting this month. You needn't keep pace but if you do make all these drinks you'll have a decent collection at the end and the necessary bottles to make many other drinks too!

So, it's March 7th. That must mean its time to add Campari to your bar!

Lucien Gaudin
1 oz gin
0.5 oz triple sec
0.5 oz Campari
0.5 oz dry vermouth

Stir; Strain; Orange twist.

Yet another drink you might find in VSFC ... or you might find elsewhere.



Muse of Doom said…
Next up, the Aviation? :)

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