It's not the heat.....It's the humidity!

I was thinking It's not the heat, it's the stupidity or It's not the heat it's the humility. However, it is the heat. The heat is why i'm tired. It's why the power grid is overworked. It's why it smells kinda stale in here. (Actually that's the AC, so indirectly it's the heat). It's why the rose bush looks like it's auditioning for "Day Of The Triffids". Last night at 10:50 it was still 42 degrees with the humidex. 42 degrees! That's ridiculous. I took the kitchen garbage out to the curb and by the time i got back inside i was sweating. Continental heat wave indeed! At least the rose bush is happy.

(Now that i mention it, do bushes get happy? I've encountered some evidence to suggest that plants have memory and are capable of fear. Do they get happy? If they do, do they know that what they are is "happy"? Or is it no more than enjoying today a little bit more than, say, last week? I really don't want answers to these questions, in fact i'm kind of sorry i wrote all that. I'll just put it in parenthesis and we'll pretend it didn't happen.)

Various things on the horizon cause me to have hope. Not out of superstition will i not mention them. Simply it is this: i get annoyed when others talk greatly about their plans that never come to fruition. It's fine to have plans and hopes and dreams. Just realize the difference 'tween "i'm going to" and "i'd like to". Please, it will greatly reduce the amount of frustration in and around you! So, good things coming down the pipe.
Stay tuned, or logged on or whatever.


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