Double Festing

Two fests, one weekend.

Rib Fest (at Victoria Park)

Curt was coming for a visit. Snosh had gone to visit Curt. So the two of them came to visit us. On the way they encountered ConstructionFest, the unofficial summer-long festival of detours and dust. ConstructionFest has landed nearly at our doorstep. Once out of the complex and to the street one can only turn left. The intersection to the right is closed. Really closed. "No thoroughfare" sign, jersey-barrier-blockade closed. Despite all that they arrived on time and not frustrated. We all had some wobbly pops, visited and went downtown to RibFest. Cutes stayed home. Beer ( or possibly breakfast) did not agree with her. :-(

Rib Fest itself was quite uneventful. Snosh and i enjoyed the ribs of Kentucky Smokehouse while Curt had a veggie burger. Then we strolled around looking at what was for sale and ventured off to BalloonFest. We may have spent more time looking for free parking then we spent in the lineup for ribs. Perhaps not.

BalloonFest (at Harris Park)

As we made our way the second fest it seemed like many more people were leaving the park than going to it. As it was still quite light out we didn't think that meant no more balloons lifting off. We were wrong. Godzilla was being inflated as we arrived and after about half an hour of inflation he slowly came down to the ground looking like he was going to eat one of the nearby trailers. Quite entertaining. His head hit the ground just as the last chords of Trole were ringing out, it couldn't have been planned any better. So we stayed hoping to see balloons lift off but it was not to be. We got to see setup and tear down and nighttime balls of fire inbetween, all while listening to Mobile. Cool but not really that exciting. I'm kind of glad it was all free. We did see a guy with a 2'6" to 3' mohawk. That was cool. So we walked back to the car and returned to the house, mostly avoiding ConstructionFest on the way.

So we may have had just as good a time hanging out at the house. It's all good though. Snosh and Curt got to experience the oinking cat. I don't think people believe us when we talk about it. Sometimes when Lucky is purring he sounds like he's coughing something up, sometimes he sounds like he's rusty and needs to be oiled. But on rare occasions he stops purring and oinks. It's hilarious. Curt and Snosh thought it was quite comical. Excellent.

Oh, we bought a Mac. More on that some other day.


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