PC vs Mac

Our PC died. I turned it on yesterday and it just sat there blinking. Didn't even check the drives. Power on and then nothing. So i'm writing this using a Mac. A Mac we just happened to have lying around the house. (laying around?) Anyway..... I can't acces italics or different font size. Maybe i'm not looking hard enough. Okay, back to the story:

I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't that the PC contained oringinal music that i foolishly haven't backed up anywhere. Hopefully it can be recovered sometime in the future. If not i'll be very bummed out. I will also have learned a valuable lesson about writing down music in more than one place. I remember most of it, but the whole point of putting it in the (cheesy) sequencer was that i didn't have to remember it all. C'est la vie!

Now i will go surfing. A surfing Safari if you will. ;-)


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