Nigiri vs Maki: The Revenge!

We outsmarted ourselves this time. Forgetting the lesson of the past (they make everything with extra rice) we took the new menu at face value. Maki is now 3 peices per order not 6. So we ordered twice as much as usual. Bad idea. Yes you only get three peices now. But you get as much rice as you should get with six! And the rice is dry to boot. When will we learn. Little or no maki. Much much nigiri. Maybe next time. If we feel like going back. For the first time ever, after eating sushi, i felt sick and too full. We both did. Not good. Chalk up a victory to Ichiban!

Foiled, Foiled Again

We found a cool thing for Xmas gifts. Personalized candy. Unfortunately it only ships in the US. Despite the fact that Canada is an option. When selected you find out it's not an option yet. Bummer.

I found a cool thing on the Converse site. You can customize your Chuck's. (yes i know this has been around for a while, i just haven't had the ability to get on that part of the site until now). It also only ships in the US. Bummer.

I wish i wish i hadn't eaten (all) that fish.


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