Nothing to say

Okay, this blogging thing seemed like a good idea at the time i signed up. But i just don't have that much to say/write. Really. In the course of the day i don't have much to say (hey that rhymed!) What witty observance am i going to have at night?, when i'm kind of tired. Maybe i need a gimmick. Maybe i need a theme. Maybe this is a lesson in "planning ahead".

Anyway..........................................I have a cat. (hee hee, inside joke) He's slightly overweight. He's orange stripes and white paws. His name is Lucky. He was found on the highway*, outside the entrance to a cement plant. He is lucky. Okay this sucks. I have no words of wisdom. I have no great hobby to chronicle. I'm just an average white suburbanite slob. Maybe my gimmick is intermittence. Maybe not.

Maybe i need something to complain about. Maybe not. Maybe it's good that i don't let too many things bother me. Maybe i should list a bunch of random things so my blog shows up in more searches. Hmmmm. Maybe not.

*two lanes, yellow line, gravel shoulders.


Close Enuf said…
Don't feel bad. As you may have noticed I don't write very much either. I guess we live very non-descript lives :P

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