21st Century Compliance

We have recently acquired digital cable. No longer do we need TV Guide or the listings from the newspaper. Just press a button on the remote and the guide appears onscreen. It saves $2 a week and (very slightly) reduces the amount of paper in our recycling. Yay! ;-)

Seriously though, it's much nicer to have an onscreen guide than to flip through pages of less than reliable information. Watching shows from different time zones is nice, however, i'm not sure if the few extra specialty channels we're getting are being viewed much. It's early, with time they will become as familiar as Friends re-runs.

I suppose this is just one more way of becoming compliant with the 21st Century. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. When i was younger i would have been resistant just for the sake of it. Now i'm not so sure if living without mod-cons is unnecessary self-denial or a noble rejection of imposed contrivances. What do you think?


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