Hot Hot Hot!

"It's hot, it's damn hot. What were you, born on the sun?"

It is hot. I'll try to avoid cliches. I was only slightly cooler away from the BBQ than standing in front of it. There was no noticeable difference between the AC exhaust and the prevailing breeze. It's hot.

I used to like it hot, what the hell was wrong with me? Oh wait, that's right: it was the only time i was free from the pain of arthritis and my other inflammations. It wasn't so much that i liked the hot, i didn't like it cold. Especially air conditioned cold. I think i stopped liking hot weather once i started working. Working outside. In long sleeves and jeans. While i could stay in the heat for whatever amount of time i wanted and wear whatever i wanted i enjoyed hot weather. Once i had to labour in the heat it wasn't as enjoyable. Now i just like it when i don't need a coat. Y'know it's called spring. "Do i need a coat?" hee hee hee.

Nigiri vs Makki II

We went back for sushi. All you can eat sushi. We brought reinforcements. Salad, soup, tempura, 190 something pieces split between five people. (Mostly eaten be three of us though). I can't remember the last time i felt that full. (Today just before lunch i was so hungry i felt nauseous). For the first time ever our friend the bottomless pit said he was full, couldn't eat another bite. Amazing.

Service could have been quicker, however. The rice had expanded by the time round two arrived. Also, there was noticeably more wasabi for round two. Last week they tried rice. This week they tried wasabi. What'll it be next time!? We'll be ready. Perhaps we'll need to order alcohol to increase our appetites. Perhaps not.

It's hot.


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