"You Smell Like Booze & Onion Rings"

The other night, the above is what the missus said to me.  It was true.  I'd had a Coronado Luau Special and some Onion Rings N' Ketchup flavour Doritos.  Yes Doug, onions.  

So, about the drink....

I have enjoyed this drink since the first one I made last summer using Rick's recipe.  This time though, some substitutions were required.  (It is a sweet drink so I wonder if further subs tweaking might be needed... Though it might be a "whole 'nother" drink by then.)

Anyway, much like Keiths Nui Nui post I will now post about a drink already covered elsewhere.

Coronado Luau Special Type Beverage
4 oz orange juice
0.25 oz orgeat
1.5 oz Lamb's Navy Rum
1.5 oz Trader Vic's Silver Rum
0.5 oz triple sec
0.5 oz Metaxa

This is meant to be a blended with crushed ice. Even though there is juice and syrup I stirred and then poured over crushed ice.  I was planning to shake but chose a shaker that was too small for the job.  So stirring it was.   I think the funk and sulfur of Havana Club might be a good way to cut the sweetness...



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