What Will I Do With All This Ouzo & Pineapple Juice?

The Dolofonos is good.  It is also good with sour cream n onion rings. (Alarmingly this snack, at least the store brand version,  contains silicon dioxide. I know why it's in there but it's still disconcerting to eat glass). No matter how good it is though it will take a tremendous amount of time to use a bottle of Ouzo at a rate of 3 dashes per drink. So what else can I do? Even trading the Dolofonos for the Greek Buck won't really get the ouzo flowing.  Maybe I should just accept that it will gather dust most of the time and occasionally see the light of day, maybe not though...

Green With Envy
1 oz Ouzo
1 oz Blue Curacao
4 oz pineapple juice
shake with ice and pour.

From The Complete Book Of Mixed Drinks. (Not to be confused with The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks by Anthony Dias Blue). Also found verbatim from the former book at Boozee.

Green With Envy

This was an interesting drink but frankly I'd rather have a White Heather to utilise pineapple juice.  It does however also solve the quandary of what to do with that bottle of Blue Curacao and it uses more pineapple juice than most drinks.  Oddly the recipe calls for a 7 oz hurricane glass. I'm not sure such an animal exists around here, most are about twice that size.  I used a nosing glass instead.



Why in god's name haven't you made an Ouzo Old Fashioned yet?
Dagreb said…

That's an excellent idea!

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