Top Five Things To Do With Bad Scotch

Some people will tell you there's no such thing as bad liquor, but if you don't like one it might as well be bad.  When it comes to artistic endeavours I'm of a different mind,  but I've got some Scotch that I don't care for.  It's been kicking around for a while actually.  A recent tasting revealed that it isn't as bad as I remembered.  Either my palate has changed or bottle aging has improved things.  Maybe a little of both.  More likely the former.  Anyway, if you've got scotch you don't like what should you do with it?

5) Suffer.  Just drink it anyway.  That bottle will be empty, eventually.
4) Let it gather dust.  Put it back in the far reaches of the 2nd tier liquor cabinet.  Who knows, it might improve, or evaporate.
3) Give it away.  Preferably to someone you don't really like that much. I don't think I need to explain this further.
2) Mix it in a cocktail.  I'm sure we've all had so-so drinks made from liquor we enjoy on it's own.  Sometimes the reverse is true, a banal spirit can be elevated with the right partner(s).
1) Make a liqueur! Once made it can be used to make cocktails, cocktails with ingredients you actually like.  Excellent!

So, after making vermouth I still had several fresh herbs courtesy of the seester-in-law.  Still lurking in the liquor cabinet was that bottle of Scotch.  I decided to combine the two and add honey.  You will find a wide variety of proportions and herbs if you search online for "Drambuie recipe" or "homemade Drambuie" or "make your own Drambuie" but the constant things are Scotch, herbs, honey.  Here is my recipe:


12.5 oz Scotch
2 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
1 tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley
6 oz honey

Steep herbs in Scotch for 24 hours.  Strain.  Mix with honey (warmed slightly).

Herbs In Scotch

I can't say for sure how close this is to tasting like the real thing.  I've no reference bottle in the house.  From what I recall though this is quite close.  Or as my father might say, "As near as makes no nevermind." There will likely be some sediment.  I don't mind this.  If you do, well, use someone else's recipe ;-)

Now, I just need to determine an ideal Rusty Nail ratio...



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