Last weeks TDN theme was tall drinks.  So rather than the newfangled Old Fashioned I was about to have I made a tall drink. The club soda was all gone but there was chinotto in the fridge. It occurred to me that Campari and Chinotto share some similarity flavour wise so I started to experiment.  This was the result:

1.5 oz gin
3 drops Pernod

Fill highball glass with ice and chinotto.  Float gin and Pernod.  Garnish with lime (or a lime creature).

Lime Monster

So, it's like a fizzy Negroni with Pernod subbed for vermouth.  Or something like that.  The original name was a portmanteau courtesy of Cutes: Ginotto.  I added a silent "d" for the Pernod. 

This drink will appear (sometime) on the Mixoloseum blog.  Even if Frederic takes matters into his own hands...


I actually subbed for the Pernod, but we'll just keep that to ourselves.


frederic said…
I just posted the recipe on the TDN wrap up; I used the photo you posted on twitter @mixoloseum in the write-up to show off your garnish. If there's a problem with that, I can take it down, but otherwise the post has a link to your blog so they can read more about it here. Cheers, Fred.
Dagreb said…
Cheers to you Fred!

Read about all the Tall Drinks here:
dear reader.

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