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And A Cherry On Top

When I was a lad going out for dinner nearly always meant the Swiss Chalet.  At that time the restaurant actually had a chalet style roof and the waitresses wore "Swiss" costumes blouses & dresses. The menu choices were chicken, or ribs, or chicken and ribs.  In addition to whatever was on the children's menu and the bottomless pop (served in half-pint glasses) there was always the "Kiddie Cocktail." This was a de facto Shirley Temple, they just didn't call it that.  I didn't care.  I didn't know who she was.  I just enjoyed the sweet syurpy goodness.  Eventually I outgrew the children's menu and it's Kiddie Cocktail and moved on to other drinks.  By then I did know who Shirley Temple was. (I first recall knowing of Shirley Temple while watching a televised performance of a modern adaption of A Comedy Of Errors which included the line, "Surely, not in the temple!" My parents had to explain it to me...)

The drink pictured above isn't a Shirley Temple. I'll get to what it is.  Recently I was searching for recipes in which to use my "homemade" grenadine. One recipe that kept cropping up was the Roy Rogers. While I did eventually grow to know of Shirley Temple I don't think I knew of Roy Rogers until I was in my teenage years and even then, to me, he was just a name.  His namesake drink is an even more recent discovery. I don't know why, I guess western kitsch just wasn't that prevalent in my up bringing.

Anyway, most recipes call for a small amount of grenadine.  Perfectly fine if you're using grocery store stuff that tastes like snow cone syrup.  But with this stuff I think we need to up the ante.

Roy Rogers
1oz home made grenadine
4 oz Mexican Coca-Cola

Stir with ice. Garnish with a cherry. Pull the trigger.

I can't believe it took me so long to make grenadine.  It's easy. Easier and possibly less fun than making Falernum. But still...


Rowen said…
I remember being served a RR as a kid. Felt so grownup.
Doug Winship said…
I see you got the REAL essential element of the Roy Rogers, a host of cocktail swords.

Where I grew up, the Roy Rogers was for young boys, Shirley Temple for girls. And boys need weapons.... Lots of them.
I would ALWAYS get a Roy Rogers over a Shirley Temple back in the day.
Dagreb said…
Yes, the swords are essential. I used to have a little collection. My action figures would make use of them too...

Anyway, along with the swords there was a collection of swizzle sticks (from places my parents and grandparents went I suppose) something which you don't see much anymore. The logoed stir-stick that is. I suppose they've gone the way of books of matches...
frederic said…
In the whole "does a Gimlet need Rose's Lime Cordial?" debate, I asked the similar "does a Shirley Temple require Rose's (or other non-pomegranate) Grenadine?"

I do not remember Roy Rogers or anyone ordering them. Shirley Temples were genderless back in Connecticut.

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