Yerba Mate Chai Latte

I'm going to make some assumptions. I'm going to assume you know how to make tea, and that knowing how to make tea you know how to make strong tea. I'm going to assume you have a device (such as this, though possibly less cool looking) with which to steam milk. I'm also going to assume that you actually know how to steam milk. (i.e. you have a thermometer, etc). I'm going to assume that you will forgive me for calling something Chai when it is in fact not tea. I think that's all the assuming I'm going to do tonight, ...we'll see.

Yerba Mate Chai Latte
8 oz strong Mate Chai
5 oz steamed spiced milk

Pour milk into mate. Top with foam.

It should look something like this:
Mate Chai Latte


Oh, right, one more thing.

Spiced Milk
12-16 oz cold milk
5 cloves
4 whole berries
1/5 tsp Dominican vanilla extract*. 

Add spices and extract to milk. Steam until properly frothed.

*It has just come to my attention that this may not be what it appears to be. Proceed with caution. I'm a little concerned...


Rowen said…
Diggin‘ your non alcoolisé drinks. Too little exploration in this field that isn’t kid stuff or for the leotard set.

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