Don't Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

I pledge to make no more drinks with grenadine until I've made my own or purchased  a decent one.

 My opinion of grenadine had been somewhat similar to Mr. O'Neill's.  That is to say it's for sweetness and colour. It certainly isn't pomegrante syrup.  If it were it would be called Pomegreante Syrup. It`s not that, it`s Grenadine. There's usually something else going on flavourwise. Perhaps orange flower, perhaps Jamaica flower, most likely vanilla.  In fact sometimes vanilla only. This is what most people know of grenadine.  Then again, most people think a frozen strawberry daiquiri is a legitimate drink. Viewing grenadine as I did, my use of it-a dash at a time-was to add some sweetness and colour to a drink. I've been able to get away with it.  Then I went and flouted it. Oops.

Boozeblogging is funny business.  We can set aside political divides and all get along whilst making questionable concoctions and insulting each other's lineage, etc. Just don't use grocery store grenadine. Especially not Rose's. And once you've not done that don't not pass it off like its no big thing.

So there I was thinking that an ingredient used one dash at a time and just really for sweetness and colour needn't be anything more than coloured syrup.  I got all smart-assy about it. And then.....

Doug went all "hard shake" on me in the comments; so he should. 

 I'm sorry if I made anyone cry.

Seeing the error of my ways (somewhat like Rick's reveleation about pineapple juice) I've decide to not use any grenadine until I have some actual grenadine.  Not a hardship.  I imagine tasting the real thing will be an eye-opener.

Speaking of an eye opener...

Café au Piment Drachme
0.25 oz pimento dram
8 oz strong coffee

Pour pimento dram into heated mug.  Top with coffee.

What's that have to do with grenadine? Nothing.
Sort of the point...

However, I will keep using Rose's Lime Cordial.  Here's why:

Water, sugar, juice, acid, preservative, colour.

Get over it. Suck it Trebek!

I will also still put Rose's in my toast too.



Doug Winship said…
Honestly, I don't see the need for any amendments to grenadine beyond the juice and sugar. I may experiment with Morganthaler's orange flower water, but beyond that, I think that if you cook the syrup properly, you get all sorts of new and delicious flavors. The difference between hot and cold process made with the same juice to start with is dramatic, and well beyond the pain in the ass the cold-process is.
You need to simmer the syrup a long time, reducing its water content and letting the heat work on the remainder. The last batch of the stuff I made, I just brought to a quick, light boil and moved on. (Tiki Month was a busy time) The resulting grenadine was thin and more to the point, bland. Give it the time for the heat to work some caramelization and you will definitely throw out the remainder of your Red Dye #6 HFCS Cordial.

And no one will cry.
Dagreb said…
I realise I should've said "ON my toast." I think I'll leave it as is...
Rowen said…
Small Hand Foods here in the Bay Area does a nice one. Plan on using it down as it is crud-free and won’t keep indefinitely. (Maybe a little vodka might help?) I add a couple of drops of the Fee Bros when color matters. Ashamed to say I haven’t tried B.G. Reynolds’ but coloring with hibiscus is a swell idea. (Just ask Tiare:

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