Well, What Would You Call It?

UPDATE March 19 2012: Camper has dubbed this the Pom-Pom. So it shall be.

-drinking vinegar-

0.5 oz cinnamon-vanilla-pomelo syrup
0.5 oz UB Dessert Vinegar Pomegrante Comdiment**
1 oz water
2.5 oz ginger soda

Sake first three ingredients over ice in a shaker. Pour over crushed ice into a rocks glass. Top with ginger soda. Garnish with a candied pomelo slice.

The other night I tried to make a shrub or some sort of drinking vinegar.  All attempts came out poorly.  Last night I decided to slice up some pomelo and simer it in my cinnamon-vanilla syrup.  The result was something that may or may not resemble Don's Mix. Though it likely resembles Don's Mix moreso than it resembles, say, a spare tire, it probably is only vaguely similar. Anyway, tonight I was looking for some refreshment and didn't want to (yet again) reach for a bottle of fizz, corn syrup and food colouring. Instead I combined vinegar, white sugar and fizz, corn syrup and food colouring.

Oh well.

Baby steps, man, baby steps.


*It will also answer to the name Berry White.
**photo, and possible blog post, to follow


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